Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don't recommend your own releases/collabs!)


OK, starting a thread to push recommendations for Auxy SC reposts to @Lenberg and @Fredrik

Note: You’re not allowed to recommend your own stuff/collabs (and avoid asking people to recommend your stuff).

So… let’s hear it…

(Also, might be good to pin this thread?)

「 The Auxy Collective 」 - Community Sourced Promotion
GENRE: ___Lo-Fi___
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「 The Auxy Collective 」 - Community Sourced Promotion



O4 - Oli4-8



I definitely agree with @NEWNAMES on this one


Totally this one https://soundcloud.com/crystldawn/lost by @crystldawnmusic


!!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
THANK YOU <3 <3 <3


Some recent (to me) ones I think should be considered for an Auxy repost.

They may not all be highly polished and slick, but whether it’s the core idea, the composition or the production style, they all demonstrate something that I think reflects well on Auxy…

(Some have been liked by Auxy, but I think they should consider a repost too :wink:





@Ninjajack34 ?

Twin Storms


I would have to go with this soothing sonic massage by @Morgen. It really resonnated with me and I think it deserves more exposure.



@darwinmcd, thanks my man!


Really, this hasn’t been reposted by auxy?!


Yeah WTF. I said it before and I’ll say it again - this was off the hook!!


Ikr a mere like doesn’t satisfy my needs of @Akyut’s recognition. Especially for that song.


This one https://soundcloud.com/tornait-jaybird/what-so
And this one https://soundcloud.com/pluto-power/thought
And also this one https://soundcloud.com/thatguywhousesauxy/st3r30-x-levi-contrast
Can’t forget this one https://soundcloud.com/tornait-jaybird/tornait-x-notmiles-falcons-and?in=not_miles/sets/best-of-2017
Crap and this one https://soundcloud.com/lpwygqal3ce1/regi-trio-battle-theme-short


No problem! What can I say? I’m a fan. :+1:t2:


Just listen to all of his tracks. Super underrated.


@yaneeck Another one doing things with Auxy I didn’t know were possible…I mean, listen to those “ah” sounds and some serious automations: https://soundcloud.com/yaneeck/have-a-nice-year


I don’t see the ah’s you are talking about.


I think u are referring to silk? It’s just a pad tweaked to sound like a choir lol. But it’s definitely just a pad. You are welcome :wink:


@DJ_La_Rocca is correct. It’s Silk tweaked to sound like a choir, but I had been wishing there was a way Auxy could acheive that sound and @yaneeck showed me the way. Respect! :wink:


Yo! Not sure if this song of yours has been reposted by Auxy yet but I’ve listened to the sh** out of this song on repeat on multiple occasions. A masterpiece IMO.