Which sounds should have shape automation?

Heya! We’re looking at adding shape automation to some of the new sounds that have been released since we removed this as a default option. We don’t think every sound needs it, though, so curious to hear if there are any specific sounds that you think should have shape automation?



Well, there’s a few sounds, maybe I’ll say some of the leads in Dirty House Selection, except for Bright House Piano. Also, some of the pads and leads on Save The Ocean. Maybe Hubba and Mud from Dark patterns might work? Oh yeah, and the leads there for sure should be too. Also, Crude from Maryland Guitars should have it, heh. I dont know why I’m saying this but Easy Clav might work lol. Also, same with like every instrument in Spatial Intelligence. Maybe glacial and some leads from Mixed Messages too? Also, Polivoks Rez and Estradin Omsk? And from low fidelity—don’t ask me. I don’t make LoFi xd.

Great that more sounds will get it, but imo, it’s surely better to make it standard, rather than hit and miss, based on popular suggestions made by those who notice this thread, at one fixed point in time - assuming it produces any outstanding, popular choices.

Of course, it also depends on what you mean by ‘shaping’. Afaik, there’s no standard implementation of what that means - i.e. it means different things on different sounds.

For some sounds it effected attack, for others, decay, for others, rez(?).

Are we talking ‘decay’ - or custom for each sound, based on what you consider to be the best option?

Would’ve it not be simpler — and likely more desirable for new/existing users wanting/expecting “Pro” control — to ‘retire’ Shape in favour of standardising support for Decay and Sustain, to finish out the ADSR line-up?

(Not to mention, generally speaking, moving away from proprietary labelling like ‘Shape’ in favour of formal labels would be good, certainly for those seeking to integrate Auxy into a workflow that uses other ‘Pro’ tools, or who use Auxy on their journey towards a Pro workflow.)

As for my vote, ‘all’. :slight_smile:

* Side-question. Will the adopted control become standard going forward?

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Sweet Aaa and Sweet Ooo would work beautifully with vibratos. More acapella synths would be amazing too


couldn’t you just add a shape automation to all of them…?

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automation update lets goooo! i will contribute something helpful later…

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what is meant by shape automation here?

I agree with Benvacca. Who cares if they “need” it. Its a nice simple tool to have for creativity and a better sound


Awesome, shape automation does help, would you mind taking an interest in my post about a possible automation update


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Please start reposting songs on SoundCloud


I don’t recall them giving a response on that point.
I think many here would appreciate some kind of response.


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Oh I think there was this response…

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He clearly misses the point with that response. He’s certainly failing to recognise the opportunity.

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Sure, Auxy reposts on their SC account are a good way to bring attention to tracks created in Auxy. But, as pointed out elsewhere (and repeatedly), it’s also the best content for promoting Auxy itself.
Right now, no-one is discovering Auxy music via any Auxy channel. Right now, few, if any, are discovering Auxy through any (non-advertising) marketing activity by Auxy.

It’s not rocket surgery. Any promotion Auxy marketing can do to elevate deserving tracks made in Auxy will only reflect back on to Auxy, as Auxy starts to be discussed as a legitimate music production workflow tool.

The fact the he talks about it as a ‘need’, rather than simply good (content) marketing strategy for growth and brand building shows how short-sighted things have become.

They seem content to let Auxy freewheel until it runs out of steam completely.

And that’s a real shame.


Might have to hack in to his SoundCloud account

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Seconded. Especially with the part about pro features.

Also fix the “reverb” knob on crater it doesn’t do actual reverb

Would be great great for the effects panel to be modular. What I mean by modular: you can swap out either “distortion” or “chorus” out for “phaser, vibrato, etc.”.

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Each sound would need to be designed for that, and I am sure that’s far too much work to implement. Not that it couldn’t or shouldn’t be done, but that’s a lot of files you’d need to add. Think of all the copy and pasting you’d have to do!


I lolled

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My “small” list would include

  • Compression, likewise with Signature Pianos
  • Stereo Delay
  • Flanger/Phaser, likewise with Silk from 7 Skies Collection

But some others would be nice if there’s another “”“overhaul”"" with automation, like dynamically altered modulation where the artist can dynamically change bitcrusher’s sliders to alter the sound of it on the fly within the song itself.

there’s other stuff that I want Auxy to have, but I don’t think it would fit in well within this post.