Which pack should I get?

AP-02 or AP-06? I’m trying to make future bass and the packs I have now don’t seem to suffice…

AP-003 and AP-007


I’d get 2


Bro get the seven skies pack if you don’t have it yet. By far the best for that


For future bass I honestly prefer ap-002. Is my favorite!

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For future bass, you need, well, the future. Also AP-002 is The Sound of Vivrant, not 7 Skies

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Which pack does everyone think is the best? I haven’t bought a single pack so far and I feel like buying one. If I’m the kind of person who likes to make chill trap and electro, what’s recommended?

If you were replying to me, yeah I know. I just think the seven skies one is great!

Packs 2 and 3 are definitely my go to, but if you can choose only one I’d go with 3. Silk is incredible for floaty synths and light chords, which is perfect for FuBass.


7 skies or Sound of Vivrant

I’m trying to make deep house does anyone know what’d be a good pack

2 3 or 4

2 has 1 good Pluck and two others

3 has 3 amazing plucks and one good Pluck

4 has 1 amazing Pluck

Just my opinion!

Define “pluck”?

Sound with 25 to 75% decay and 0 to 100% release

I see, what makes these sounds important compared to other sounds then?

Deep house is mainly consisted of pluck sounds

Ah xD sorry I’ve never listened to much house let alone deep house x33 you learn something new everyday