Which auxy song has the most plays on SoundCloud

I made this post to see if people could find the most played auxy songs on SoundCloud.

There’s probably already another post that is exactly the same that I can’t find lol.

Anyway here are the 3 most played auxy songs that I know (correct me if I’m wrong)

  1. Toveii’s I’ll find her someday with 44k plays https://soundcloud.com/toveii_music/ill-find-her-someday

  2. Decruz’s Ultraviolet with 32k plays https://soundcloud.com/decruz-182260894/ultraviolet

  3. Austin Haga’s Changes with 27k plays https://soundcloud.com/austin_haga/changes


Omg @Toveii thats an insane amount of plays!!

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It’s none of those I’m certain

Many songs by unfound have well over 100k plays and were made in auxy such as promenade

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Test pilot is at 38k, skyway by cerulean is at 87k

For a long time it was this, idk if it still is, but it’s not a competition anyways :relaxed:

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…but it kinda is. :wink:
It’s why music charts exist.

Anyone here not want loads of plays, exposure and success from their music?
Anyone here who wouldn’t like it if one of their tracks became a chart topper?

Side thought: Kinda hope that Megalovanilla track isn’t still the most successful Auxy-based track out there. Would be cool(er) if the leading Auxy-based track was an original composition.


Side note, I see people talk about this all the time and full disclosure I’ve never heard it…

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Same (not heard of it).
I don’t doubt that 99.99…% of the audience for that Auxy track are giving it a spin bc it’s a cover of a popular video game tune.

Luckily, for the creator, Auxy sound packs and features fit well when doing updated takes on 8-bit/retro tunes, so it’s possible to make a convincing track in that genre using Auxy.

i think “Surrender” by ITSLIHO (https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/AHmzGG8WeY3PxVD56) is one of the most popular

also some Unfound’s tracks have over 100k listens (as Vokon already mentioned)

or either “Surrender” has just very very similar to auxy sounds but made not in auxy

I think it is a fun competition to have as long as it doesn’t make you feel inferior

Also I had something I thought would fit here, test pilot is gonna beat toveiis song :eyes:

Sorry Ik this thread is kinda dead but if you just click on the Auxy tag on a song on sc, then go to the top and click on the most popular section there are many songs with over 100k plays.

One VERY notable one, even used in some TikToks, is Blade Runner 2049 by Synthwave Goose with 552k plays.


Yeah Synthwave goose has many songs with over 10k plays.