Which are your top 5 favorite sounds?

Would love to know which your favorite sounds are–the ones you tend to use a lot? The reason I’m asking is that we’re putting together a collection of sorts, so would be good to know which sounds people tend to use the most.

Helpful if you could list your 3-5 favorites below!


Lobster, Racer, Beam and for drums DnB percussion

Morning, Subway, Bitty, Slag/Melt, and probably Cello Section

I’m also a HUGE fan of creating drum kits

@lenberg I also thoroughly enjoy the various sounds that play in my head when I try to figure out what your laughing avatar sounds like in real life


Wire from Euphoric Memories
Bright House Piano from Dirty House
Voodoo from Heavy Bass
Sweet Sine from Sweet Pads
Sweet Saw from Sweet Pads

Lake from The Sound of Vivrant
Bee from the Original Pack
Sweeper from the Original Pack

Hihat 03 from Dark Patterns
Vintage Snare 09 from Snaredrum Collection 2
Ride from the drum kit Mold

As a minor suggestion, for new melodic sounds, can you make it so that pads don’t have to be pads? I would personally like to see pads have a default attack value of >500ms instead of 0.


Oh boy


Literally sweet saw and silk

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Oak - melodic percussion
My favorite lead, (if layered with other instruments)
Owl - The Future
I just love the sound of it and use it as my main bass in most of my songs layered with some other basses for sub
Doodle - Original Sounds
Great lead and a really good instrument to layer with other leads
Crunchy Saw - Dirty House
Lovely 8-bit lead with bit-crush
Dirt - Boom Bass
Great sub bass, really adds a lot of power

I don’t think I’ve made a song without at least one of these.

Edit: added explanations for why I like each instrument.


Bomb (Boom Bass) - Such a reliable sub. I won’t go without using it in any of my original songs.

Morran (Sublab) - If you bitcrush it, it makes a really good 8-bit bass.

All Game Waves leads - Vibrato.

Stress (7 Skies) - Distortion makes it a good lead, and a great arp.

Squash (Pluck Pluck Go) - It somehow makes an amazing harp sound.

My Favorite Five:
• Flag
• High Heels
• Sweeper
• Sweet Saw
• Igloo
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ :smiley:

Noir - Favorite go to piano… like duh. It to me has the most organic sound to it. Sometimes when Im making chords, certain instruments change what the chord can sound like. For example making chords in Hour (which will most likely sound heavenly) will probably sound different in another instrument, for example, Strain, or Spray. Noir allows you to have just a really raw sound, and it makes it way harder to hide bad chords, with reverb, filters, automation, etc. So yeah its a pain in chromatic but it helps you learn.
Punch - Obviously the best and most versatile bass. Can be an 808, sub, Reese, or bass guitar (sounding’ish) If you tweak it right… wink wink.
Plum - Premade “wubs” so to say. Instead of messing around with Volume, High or lowpass automations, Plum chords (on the right settings) does all the work for you. Helps me focus on actually making nice chords, instead of constantly worrying and wasting time trying to make generic future bass “wubs”.
Spray - Probably my most go to for chords because of how impactful it is. Right off the bat the sound itself has some crazy amazing low frequencies, which yeah those can be changed in the instruments settings but hey, its already done for you. With about spray copied over 4 times you got yourself a killer future bass track.
Coconut - For real you will hear this instrument in my songs a… lot. It really is a versatile instrument, and I use it a lot both melodically and for chord progressions. Melodically it is not my all time favorite, but it still works beautifully. There are so many “favorites” for leads and melodies It would be hard to add one to this list, so I might as well choose our well known and loved little coconut.

So yeah, here are some of my favorite and most used instruments, and I bet a lot of you out there love these gems too.

Happy production, y’all!


:- Silk , (Blanket)
:- Sweet Saw, (Spray)
:- Climb , (Pug, Pick, Crystal, Puppy)
:- Bitty , (Kilobyte, Fuze)
:- Punch, (Pressure, KBass)
:- Sweeper (100% in every song)

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Oh my gosh yeah I forgot about sweeper.
And yeah, it’s in like every song of mine haha, it’s an essential. Man we need like an all fx pack that would be cool.


Sweet Saw
Lake (Bass)
Origin (Piano)

Right now, I think Sweet saw, high heel, flick, bomb, and promenade.

journey, atom, pastel, jelly, stress

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That Noir be hittin’ it tho :triumph::ok_hand::100::musical_keyboard::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


Marble (100% Bitcrush Distortion)


You have quite the variety xD

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There are three that really stand out for me

And Mania