Where is Inspiration and Ideas gone?

I had been busy for quite a while but I was regularly checking forum posts about new features and ideas discussions.
Rarely any discussion made about new ideas and features to implement on Auxy. It’s been more than six months we haven’t got any new feature in Auxy.
This really shows how much motivation developers got from us and Now I really feel it’s lacking . It was so nice and pleasing when we requested, questioned, argued like a child and developer responded and answered like our elder whether that feature was easily feasible or not. There was a bond between developers and users like a family. I miss those people. Where are people like akabillposters, TheRealJFalc, Shivam, Zeph and many more whose inspiration and ideas got this app where it is now.
Where is the dream gone to make this app world best ios music production app.


While there are plenty of features they could add right now, there aren’t many huge things the app lacks, like there were two years ago when there was only 8 drum kits, no plans to add sounds and only basic sound design tools. I’d guess that the developers just don’t want to make changes for the sake of change (like some companies do), and I’m sure they will add features through updates eventually.


iono bout y’all but i’ve been drooling for 6.1 since 6 came out. There’s so much tinkering that could just make better work flow. To me the tremendous expansion of the sound library calls for a menu overhaul. The new tools in 6 need advanced options. The gears could be set at 64ths. Effects need to be implemented and their own library grown. Sequencers? Awesome. A fill bar option would be cool for looooong notes. I’d pay for knob add ons, or effects, or even tweaked versions of the sounds we already have.


Bro you wanna talk about new features? Ableton has opened my eyes ngl.

Would be dope if we could automate all of the new parameters added in 6, and had more effects in total to boot.

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I just think adding these features takes time. But I get what you mean, it seems excitement has dwindled. And to be honest, I haven’t felt the sound packs have been as high quality as they were before the subscription service. The packs are still nice, but I feel we rarely (not never, just not often) get packs that bring about a ton of excitement and new inspiration. Many of the sounds just don’t have the uniqueness and bespoke quality the first few packs had. Perhaps the better word is diversity. But who knows? They could be working on some huge new features now.


Heh. Two months late but I saw this in my mailbox and wanted to say thanks for remembering me. If you’re wondering where the inspiration on Auxy went, I’d say it has to do with complacency. Without the need to constantly innovate to get people to purchase sound packs like before the subscription, there’s no real need to change up so much when you have a safety net and a stable subscription-based income. That’s my takeaway, anyway. Since my subscription ends today, I plan on making a post about this as it’s the main reason why I have even logged back in.

Sure it takes time, but it’s not like the devs have been exactly receptive to feedback in the past.


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at least you were able to criticize within boundaries, now almost all criticism is going down the drain