Where do you all get cover art?

I have no idea where people do cover art :thinking:

unsplash.com is a nice place for free pictures. That’s where all my cover art images are from.

Edit: there’s also an app.


Try these nifty apps:



I use unsplash and canva myself - both are free and pretty darn good.


I use Canva to create/edit cover arts. They do have a lot of cover art templates to get you started.

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I normally use a program called Inkscape to make cover art. It’s basically a free (and open-source too I think) drawing tool, and it’s pretty similar to something like Adobe Illustrator. I used a bunch of different drawing tools to make a low-poly theme for most of my cover art and then the text tool within the program for adding text.

Also, there’s another voxel art program/renderer that is also free and open-source called MagicaVoxel that I am thinking of making some cover art with. I’d recommend giving these two a shot since they’re not especially hard to learn, free, and are overall very good tools to make cover art with.


Those people who make generic Auxy 4 bass with generic trigraphy filter for cover art be like :sunglasses:

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:sunglasses: yeeeah nostalgia :a:lert

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? boi

  • Google Images (filter images by copyrights or check them yourself)
  • images I took myself + edits
  • unsplash
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I use a combination of Assembly and Google Draw. There’s another app that I used for the upcoming compilation album, it’s called Matter, and it’s made by the same people who made Assembly



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old auxy joke

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i legit just draw mine via medibang

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Your cover arts are actually insane lol

I find a gud royalty-free photo online, then I do crazy stuff to it so it doesn’t look like the original at all using Snapseed.

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I just use Google Drawings!