When is the next Song coming out in the Feed?

The most recent song we got from the feed was called Crimson by Blackocean, about 6 months ago. I haven’t heard any new songs coming in the feed, just about the Sound/Sample Packs. Is there going to be a new song in the feed in the future?


If ur talking about the Auxy SC page, yeah…that’s been dead in the water for some time now. Doubt it’ll be coming back up any time soon. But we got a bunch of other labels and promo channels others around the Disco have started up.

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Likely not for the foreseeable future. To reiterate what @El1011 said, check around for the labels started by disco members as those are much more likely to be actively updated.


get discord, it really helps you find new music… there’s different groups you can join called “servers”… there’s a lot of auxy exclusive groups there where auxy users promote their music. also there’s record labels that release auxy music (there’s probably going to be people who don’t use auxy in the servers too but that’s ok, it’s just another way of meeting people)… if you end up getting discord, there’s a post on this forum called “discord directory” that has links to all the servers. i’d suggest joining auxy collective, melo, vvvvv, the auxy community server, and frontier


Do you mean the featured demo projects? I don’t believe there are going to be any more. People have expressed concerns over plagiarism in the past, and with the introduction of Auxy 5.1 it makes demo projects impossible to edit without a subscription. It’s possible that the developers also want to make it clearer which projects are free to use in your own tracks, as none of the demo projects are specifically free for that purpose, but have been used as such by users in the past.

I think the new direction, with the featured albums/producers, is a better direction in that sense.


I was thinking if they could add featured projects that Include at least 3 Demo sounds, or is it not possible to do that?

They could, but I doubt it as I don’t believe they have any interest in doing featured projects anymore. As mentioned in my post, problems of plagiarism and the new system of Auxy 5 locking unpurchased sounds without the ability to change them means the likelihood of their return is highly unlikely.