When ILLENIUM kinda copies your melody 😂

So I had this melody that I made a while back and I didn’t know what to do with it so I left it till I got some ideas and then ILLENIUM released a song the other day and I recognised the melody and so I went on to auxy and I had the same kinda melody maybe a couple of notes difference but ha it’s weird so I have just started using it to make a track check it out

My track - https://app.auxy.co/projects/-FtbykAhgMtL8KX4fPaijA==

ILLENIUM’s track - https://soundcloud.com/illeniumofficial/illenium-crawl-outta-love-ft-annika-wells-1


Maybe you’re both simply fans of one of Hans Zimmer’s most famous pieces from back in 2010 :wink:

Fwiw™, a remix of the Illenium track seems to have gone up on SoundCloud about a month ago, so the Illenium ‘original’ version has presumably been kicking around longer than that.
(I don’t know who Illenium is — clearly I’m not down with the kids anymore — but the track got a Like outta me. )

Still, I look forward to hearing where you take it. :slight_smile:


Yeah itll probably go in the same direction as ILLENIUM would I do make the same kind of music as him after all

I look forward to hearing the completed piece. :+1:
Do you have any pieces that you consider your best, most finished and polished?

I could be wrong, but I think you’re gonna need to step up from Auxy if you’re aiming for something that could sit next to the Illenium track. Structurally, it’s relatively simple, sure, but even looking purely at the non-vocal elements, Auxy won’t get you close enough to that quality of production.
The sound creation, tweaking, reverb and delays options aren’t of the quality or flexibility you might experience in a pro track production, not to mention the lack of proper mastering options.

(It’s not to ‘do down’ what the small team behind Auxy have achieved. It’s fantastic. But, it’s still not a serious music production tool. Fantastic for sketching and initial development. Possibly unmatched on that aspect, for those who work exclusively in midi/step sequencing.)

There are some impressive things being done by Auxy users, but tracks do still tend to be recognisably ‘Made with Auxy’, at least to my ears.

Even on my best Auxy track, if I was remotely serious about a commercial release, I’d consider it necessary to rebuild and develop it outside of Auxy.

Auxy with support for Audiobus might get you closer, though (nudge, nudge, Lenberg. :wink:

But, as I say, I could be wrong.
(This is the bit where someone tells me that the music for the Illenium track was made entirely in Auxy - and I don’t know what I’m talking about. :wink:

I’d be fine with that. Happy to learn. :slight_smile:


I completely get what your saying I recently just got fl studio but idk how to use it yet I’m just getting used to it so hopefully soon I’ll get the hang of it

And yeah I am gonna prove you wrong :joy: I have made an ILLENIUM song completely using auxy I’ll show you the original ILLENIUM track and my remake

Original song - https://m.soundcloud.com/illeniumofficial/illenium-kerli-sound-of-walking-away

My remake - https://m.soundcloud.com/kds_original/illenium-kerli-sound-of

You can check out my soundcloud if you like - https://m.soundcloud.com/kds_original

Hey if you need help DM

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Sure thing man

Hi, I checked out both.
I think you’ve done a pretty good job remaking it, but I still think the difference in production level is clear. (Perhaps I’m just too used to hearing the Auxy sounds. Maybe I’d feel differently if I wasn’t familiar with Auxy.)

Aside from the choice and range of sounds used in Illenium’s original, it has significantly more punch and ‘presence’. Much of that will come from good audio engineering, savvy use of quality reverb, compression, panning and – critically — good EQing/mastering – options that aren’t available in Auxy, and which prevent it from achieving that ‘next level’ sound. To widen it and bring it ‘forward’.
The Auxy version feels very ‘narrow’ and blended together by comparison.

It would be interesting to hear your remake run through something like Landr, an online mastering service.
It relies on presets, but it can still add a certain something, and help you get an idea of the difference mastering can make.

Alternatively, there are likely to be a range of mastering options in FL. (I otherwise use Ableton Live, which does.). Try outputting the track stems from Auxy, bring them into FL and play about with EQ and mastering options on each part.

As I said, you’ve done a pretty good job, but I don’t feel I’ve been proved wrong – yet :wink:

Btw, I’ll be sure to check out your Soundcloud. :followed: :wink:

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I get you I wish that auxy had all these features that way it would probably be the most high powered music making app for mobile and soon as you said I’ll start using a more safisticated program but for the time being ill use auxy for when I’m out and about and bring my ideas to that program and I’ll prove you wrong… Hopefully :joy: And thanks man for the advice I appreciate it a lot

LANDR is the best!!!

Whats that?

It’s an automatic mastering service. You just upload your track, it analyzes it, and LANDR applies little tweaks/FX like EQ, conpression, etc.

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Cool how do you do it?

Just try running a rendered version of a song through here on a PC (make an account first): https://www.landr.com/en?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=BrandSearchCoreEN&utm_term=landr

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Okay thanks m8

The only mastering I do on FL is some EQs on tracks and putting a Mastering preset on Maximus lol

Also Id recommend watching SeamlessR tutorials if you want to learn FL stuffs


Alright cool I’ll take a look thanks :grinning:

Lol I love Illenium

Wow the piano sounds exactly the same…

Files copyright

8 months later :\

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Holy mother of god that track is good!!! Fav track by him! Also, we gotta collab again bro! @KDS_Official