When did you join Auxy?

I just want to know when you guys joined or start issuing Auxy repeatedly. I joined on the 25th of December in 2016.


Last November-ish.

September 10th, 2016.

July 1st, 2016

Few months ago. Like the beginning of June.
see what I accidentally did there?

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Hmm…probably July-October 2016

About a month ago

Dang, does everyone just mark their calendars for when they download all their apps? I have no idea when I downloaded Auxy lol… back when it was only on iPad though. I think it was on the first logo as well.


Lol yeah I have no clue the exact date…, probably in June or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m assuming everyone’s Joined date on their profile is inaccurate.

I have the original Auxy app, my first project was from 31 months ago…soz I guess that’s how long I’ve used it lol

when the iPad version came out a while ago

at some point when i got my new phone. so proab around december

Last summer

December 2016

I started to use Auxy on August last year when a friend of mine introduced me to this app.

September 2016

Somewhere around the end of December 2016. It seems so long ago, wow.

If you want the OG Auxy, it was sometime in August or September 2014 I think

When I got the better Auxy, it was in November 2016

For like a year now. Almost a full year. I’m going to make an anniversary track I guess