What's Your Song Writing Process?

Everyone has their own way of writing songs. In mark of a situation or feeling, sudden ideas… I’m curious as to what methods that some of our fellows use to make an Auxy song!


I always start with drums. I load up a 909 into my drum rack in Ableton, and then I create a bassline, chords, melody, and plugin all my external gear (synths, keyboards, sequencers like Auxy, and other things)

I do change the drums from 909 to other thing later, but 909 is the best place to start, in my opinion.


I start by writing a melody — generally with something in mind. Do I want it to be moody? Do I want it to sound like a fairy?

For the melody process, I’ve started experimenting with singing into an app that knows which note you’re singing, and working out the rhythm of the melody from there.

Bass/harmony follows, and then I work out the drums.

By this time I have about four-six instruments (usually only one set of drums, which get stacked and layered later) and some sort of chorus going. From there I try to construct the song. Beginning, verses, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus (with an element from the bridge added or some sort of change), and wind down to the end. At the moment, I feel like I’m challenging where the bridge should go. Sometimes I feel it fits just after halfway into the song.

depending on if I am doing a remix/cover or my own song I usually start with drums. I kinda just go with the melody usually basing my songs of things I’ve heard or the style of one of my favorite artists, then I tweak it a bunch and use a ton of lowpass and reverb.

For the past few months I’ve just been loading up a bunch of apps and loops into AUM, pressing record and jamming.

If I feel like something good happened, I’ll export everything out to Ableton and arrange and mix from there.

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I kinda just make whatever comes to me and build the rest of the track from there. Sometimes if I get to a drop and I’m not so sure what I want to do for it I’ll just lay out the drums and some FX and get an idea from there.

I literally work backwards

I work on the main lead and later work around it

Usually chords first, but sometimes I start with a melody tho.

Melody first, pads, then bass, sometimes plucks, drums, sometimes a filler, then the one and only… chords. Basically opposite from @NotMiles

I just make a nice loop/groove with multiple sounds and then I decide, is this a chorus or a verse. Important decision to make, then I just go from there. When everything is laid out, I go through and make sure the energy flows properly through the sections with automation, etc

Set the exact melody settings in my mind, which is usually just F minor and 160BPM, and write the hook. Never touch that project again and open up Auxy a few days later to do the exact same thing.

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I usually experiment with various melodies and chords until I get something I really like. Then I usually add a beat and drop based off of it.