What's your most reposted song?


man why do these posts have a 20 character minimum like cmon i don’t need to write that much

Insomnia with 3…

Absence with 41.


Polygons, Hot Chocolate, and (if you count it) My Arcadia Remix all tied for 1.
Nobody cares about me

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3 of them are the same…BTC #14, BTC #21 and, Apocalypse with ONE.

One of my super old tracks called “Stars” was reposted by @BlaMeese.

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Never been reposted :clap: :clap: :clap: :cry:


Isn’t it 3?

Cureless pain which had 9 reposts (including Auxy)

Liftoff and Fireworks (ft. Andrew Adams) with 6. They’re not my best tracks though xD

Go listen

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There was this massive megacollab thing a bunch of people did a few months back. Clocked in at 13 reposts. But a lot were just the collaborators.
The actual winner is probably my collab with Andrew Adams with 11 reposts and 62 likes.

Oh wow that’s pretty good bro!

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Thanks. I think you were in it lol

No I don’t do mega collabs lol. Or pretty much any collabs. (It’s rare)

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Whew, 41? That’s a lot. My top is 18…:neutral_face: I’ll take what I get, though


The Rapids with 6

18 is way more than I’ve ever gotten close to. You are my favorite auxy artist


Shadows got 5 reposts …

then Dusk, Altitude,and Falling got 3 reposts. Ice cream and Happy Octopus only got 2 reposts lol.