Whats your least popular song?

@Produk was asking what your most reposed song was,

I’m Curious though, whats your least popular song? ( least amount of plays/likes/reposts)

Post it here and I’ll take a listen lol


Yeah this is much easier lol. It’s a toss up between https://soundcloud.com/icsleepers/simple-robot-complex-human (Least amount of plays) and https://soundcloud.com/icsleepers/eastbound-and-out (Least amount of likes).

Personally, I don’t care. But you did ask!


Thanks for sharing these, I love the drop in in Simple Robot Complex Human, also in eastbound and out is the melody…canoe and kiss? I like it lol!

Just pulled it up quick, Allen, Vacuum and Kiss. And punch. That’s it. Plus two kits (Pacific and Whack). Pew pew!

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My least listen is my newest track called Our Response, only has 1 play but for some reason I got message about getting a promotion pack for it but whatever

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I like that! It has good chords and a catchy melody! It will definitely get noticed.

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You’ve already heard this tho

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In terms of least number of plays, the later tracks from my Re/Mastered EP have the fewest plays of anything I’ve uploaded, specifically these three songs,

Next clocking in is my piano only song The Gentleman, which sorta makes sense since it’s only piano and I’m not HAYVN xD

Other than that my other songs have at least 20 or so plays, which I don’t know if you’d count that as least popular or not, but considering my highest played songs are just my BTC entries, I suppose they would count xD

All of them lol. But this one in particular:


This is actually the first full track I made with Auxy. It has its charm, but definitely not my best.

If you want the less likes but more views, then Resilience. with 73 plays but no likes.

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no likes

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is it possible to have a least popular and most popular song at the same time? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(i know i’m sharing it so much. only thing i have rn.)


All of them :joy:


It was actually a collab with Nick Hayes


Though easily followed up by Washed Away


Well this is my least popular song it has 6 likes and 6 plays :joy:
Enjoy lol. https://soundcloud.com/user-123297002/field

Well now it has 3 likes lol. Is it still your least popular song?

I don’t know if I can count this one as it’s my only song… but I don’t think people really liked it :frowning: so I’m not sure.


For views:likes ratio, still yes.

Lol i think its not that bad tho

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