What's your favorite Auxy track?




Oh you know that guy called AVIO. He’s amazing!! I love all of his songs. JK.

Probs incoming by Octavo


not sure


Anything by @IAATOE, anything by @Otzsil, anything by @Akyut, Poseidon by @BSJ, dreams by @anechoik, secrets by @krute, Valhalla by @indigoo, magnetism by @Produk, retrospect and catalyst by @MR_ANDERSON, shattering by @moemx, and scarab by @Phluze. I believe thats it.


Overdrive by @Otzsil
Stratosphere by @Otzsil
Opposites by @aUstin_Haga
Shatter by @aUstin_Haga
Magnetism by @produk
Reverence by @MR_ANDERSON
Retrospect by @MR_ANDERSON
June by @NotMiles
Secrets by @Krute
Enigma by @Arimyth
Apprentice Angel on a Shooting Star Hill Remix by @Kayasho
Vulnerable by @CammeoCam
Cassini by @MVTT


Salty by @Phluze
Kleuren by Conux
June by @NotMiles
The Calling by @IntrepidMusic
To name a few…

Oh and Easy Song by @SynthwaveGoose !


Hybrid by @DJ_La_Rocca


indecision by me


Fear by @Mr_Mooo, Torn Serenity by @AnirudhKhanna, and Genesis by @LimeZ


Thanks, man!


@Kayasho’s “Kevinhood”


Too Late by @Little_Baby
Imperial Duel (Star Wars remix BTC) by Southborne
Opia by @AlfredJames

Basically anything I share on the Soundcloud since I get paranoid I wont be able to find them again.


Thanks so much!


Conux - Kleuren
Mr. A - Catalyst
Phluze - Scarab
Mr. Serpent - Hypnotic Paralysis


anything from @anechoik - he blows my mind - if i had to pick one of his tho it would be blackocean… PLEASE put the other tracks back up tho cuz they were :fire::fire:


Kinda sad that nobody has “@OsharuPerez” yet…
:sob: :joy: :disappointed:

I’m okay, I swear that I am……………


Storm Runner is good




Oh cool! Thanks


Big thanks! Glad you enjoy! Hope, you will like some new tracks too :wink: