What's your favorite Auxy track?


the old one by produk and anderson was


Oh! I see xD I somehow read that as aUstin_Haga and MR_ANDERSON for some reason x3


Heeyy!! Thanks man!


Dude, no problem! I’m a big fan.


hey, im not thaat good


I need a @aUstin_Haga vs @Produk please.


I’ve heard some songs that @SpaghettiSauce is working on. They sound pretty cool.




@anechoik @blackocean - blackocean
@Phluze - sleepless (reimagined)
@HAYVN - Gravity
@NotMiles - June
@Trey - The Rapids
@Produk - Memories
@official_ivo - S.E.X.
@aUstin_Haga - Broken Glass
@Indigoo - Groove City
@eddxe - H E R
also i’ve been digging into “MELT.” by @MVTT
and wet by @zirasma


Holy crap guys thanks @NotMiles and @anechoik


also can’t wait till the near future


Update hype!


what’s happening in the near future???


something amazing.


ohhhhh that???


I think my all-time favorite is Scarab by @Phluze


Either Gliese by @s0phont or Shooting Star Hill Remix by @Kayasho


how u get ur name all fadey-outy


Wow! Thanks! Glad you high rate my work!


My favorite auxy track of all time?

Easy. Urban Adventures by NotMiles