What's your favorite Auxy track?


Mine is probably…man. Too many to choose from. Either Chrome by @Aqua or HYPERBEAST by @ReZonance

What about you?


I was literally just making this topic. :joy:


I’m really into @official_ivo ‘s remix of salty and waves @aUstin_Haga . both set my headphones on fire :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3::triumph::triumph::weary::weary::fire::fire::100::100: 100/10 would bop


Probably slipstream by @Aqua
or solstice by @ST3R30.


Also Kleuren by @anon41616463 is a jam and a half. And @blackocean ‘s coercion. Bops upon bops. Also anything by @eddxe


Catalyst by @MR_ANDERSON
The (amazing) DJ Totto Remix thingamy that @Kayasho did
f o x by @anechoik
Rain by @Caritua

(Venum by that NotMiles scrub is pretty good too…)

[I’ll probably edit this post with a bunch more songs once my brain starts working again]

Chrome by @Aqua
Cornbread by @tornait
Blade Runner 2049 by @SynthwaveGoose
Long Summer Days by @Otzsil
Gone Mad by @official_ivo
Polygons by @Indigoo (Give this man some more followers!)
Wasteland by @Trey (Give this guy some more followers also!)


i really like Safari by @RRAMMAH.






I swear if anyone picks me again


Beyond any doubt, the song that really inspired me to be more serious with Auxy is Even Louder by @official_ivo and @Southborne. Before then, it was a toy that I made music with. After that, it was something serious.

Kleuren by @anon41616463 inspired me to do amazing things as well, and Wise Wolf by @moemx. Actually everything by @moemx. And @HAYVN. And @Stigmo and @Kerfuffle and @IAATOE and @Hexx.Official/@Hexx/@Hexx_OLD and @Fantom87 and @decruz.

Other than that I don’t listen to SC that much :<< sorry guys.


Heroes by @TXA and @Andrew_Adams
Falling by @Phoenix (ft. @HAYVN)


Wave by @aUstin_Haga

EDIT: I am now addicted to it


Just to name a few…

salty by @Phluze
Reef by @IAATOE
opposites by @aUstin_Haga (and anything else really by him)
and venum by @NotMiles


also kaleidoscope by @blackocean
rest by @Produk
stratosphere by @otszil
and anything by @RRAMMAH
and also anything by @decruz


@Produk Thank you man! Glad you find my track as one of your favorites!


Top 5 tracks of 2018 so far:

  1. ICE CUBED by @Xiejra
  2. Neurotoxin by @Aqua
  3. Wave by @aUstin_Haga
  4. Tyrant by @Akyut
  5. Wario by @moemx

Top 5 tracks of all time:

  1. @Kayasho’s cove/remix of Apprentice Angel on Shooting Star Hill
  2. Cornbread by @tornait
  3. ICE CUBED again
  4. Subway Trains by @NotMiles
  5. Neurotoxin again


k o i by @anechoik
Scarab by @Phluze
L E V L by @aUstin_Haga
Night by @Southborne and @aUstin_Haga
LEOPARD by @Southborne
Small Time by @Trey
Catalyst by @MR_ANDERSON

Not necessarily in that order


Wave by @Produk and @MR_ANDERSON


Wait, Wave was a collab?