What's the story of the original Auxy icon?

Why did the original Auxy app have an icon with the letters A O X Y on it? Instead of A U X Y?


When we built the first version of Auxy we were really focused on getting the app ready and didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about other things. Then before release we were like “damn, we need to have an icon” and after some thinking we came up with the concept of making something similar to one of these boxes where kids practice putting geometrical shapes in the right hole. In order to actually get people thinking about that concept, we replaced the U with an O. In practice, this just made people confused about the spelling though.

Then I had a friend asking me why we copied the Playstation logo and I realized he was right, even though we never thought of that before he pointed it out. So we decided to put some more effort in and update the logo/icon.

Here’s the original version:


Bonus: we actually had another logo before the one above that never made it to the public:


Then we made this one together with this guy:


And finally we made this one together with this guy:


Thanks for the behind the scenes post :slight_smile: I like the new logo a lot.


Wooowww thats so interesting!

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@Auxy This is really interesting. I was wondering, why did you change the new logo from red to blue then to black? I definitely like black the best.

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Question: Will you ever think of changing the logo from what it is now? @Auxy

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I really like the one now more than the others.

Reminds me of avengers