What's the best way to put emotion into music?


Think of it this way. You need knowledge and/or experimentation to come up with emotional chords and melodies. I mean, our emotions aren’t going to give us this uncanny ability to compose some Hans Zimmer ish on the spot. This is just directed toward all of the people giving advice, saying things about being in a bad, sad, happy, etc mood helps with it, but it really doesn’t, unless you’ve got the knowledge to create emotional, pull at your heartstrings-type chords, based on that specific mood/emotion you want to convey.


I’m that “some” lol


Example: https://app.auxy.co/projects/BiyqnrpnCOKlkMfPcNkP8g==



Lol major and higgher key still sounds great. It all depends on what u are feeling


Can I try make one song out of this bro?


Go for it


This is a loaded question. If you are talking about chords then the best way to add emotion is chord extension like 9th or 11th and so on but another good way is to branch out of the scale and use chromatics which can add a nice bit of edge.


Here’s a song a made any example


My biggest advice is that you should apply your life to your music. By far, music can convey much more emotion than language. Foundational structures like the tempo, modes, and dynamics can affect the ‘happiness’ (like if it’s major it is more joyful and minor is more solemn) and intensity of the music. In electronic music especially, it is sometimes hard to convey this due to the lack of dynamic range. Adding a different velocity (soft option in Auxy) or volume automation will help solve this common struggle producers face.

Here’s a short composition I made yesterday. There is a lot of rubato in it, which was my intent.


That was pretty beautiful


Best way is to make it when you’re emotional!


Rever🅱️ Definitely


Whenever I use kiss I like using full tone to really put emotion in




haha what’s with all the B buttons


Idk why but it’s a meme for some reason lol


funny, i generally do the opposite. When im feeling down n stuff, i somehow make more upbeat stuff, but when im feeling fine, i’ll make something that sounds a bit darker or just less upbeat in general.

except dubstep. dubstep is kinda where i just do what i like regardless of how im feeling


Think about what you feel…

Basicaly I’m just mad all the time I don’t know why so I create a heavy dubstep track


And I’m doing it again - 1 year later


Is it strange that that exact thing happened to me? (except for the cereal)