What's the best AP pack to buy for future bass and melodic type music?

I have like 10 dollars so don’t say buy all of them, I want 2 packs but can’t decide which ones to buy… I’m going for an Illenium or Flume vibe with my tracks so what packs would work best with that in mind?

I’d buy Rac Essentials and 7 Skies


for future bass, the 7 Skies and Vivrant packs are best because of the Silk, Stress and Hour combo (aka the go-to future bass combo of dreams)

for melodic music, I think it’s based off opinion. i think that RAC and Vivrant is best for melodic stuff like that, but ^shrug^


Can you like send a preview of that sound to see how it sounds

Yes those look good but I kinda want vivrant too

Vivrant is cool

Vivrant and Seven Skies are the best choice for any genre of music imo :wink: Except I would personally probably choose the pianos over those.


I have one want me show u?

Nah I already bought 7 Skies and RAC, they’re good… i might get Vivrant too


rac essentials, the first 7 skies, or the sounds of vivrent

well never mind lmao

I’d say 7 skies selection.

edit: nevermind you bought it

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7 Skies selections and sound of Vibrant

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