What's New in Auxy 6.6


We are happy to announce that Auxy just got even smoother with the following updates:

  • Now you can undo and redo changes in the loop editor
  • Master effects can be disabled in settings
  • Samples can be rendered as individual files when you export stems
  • Old renders are now grouped and can be easily deleted if you need to free up space
  • New scenes are now empty by default, but you can still duplicate an existing scene if you don’t want to start blank
  • The last scene now stays selected when a track ends
  • On iPhone, you can swipe from the left edge of the screen to close projects
  • A number of small bug fixes and graphical improvements

If you like the app, it is always helpful if you leave a fresh review in the App Store. Looking forward to hear your thoughts and answer any questions below! :hugs:



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Sweet! Really happy you can undo editor changes :smile:

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Please make a desktop version. Please which desktop software works best with Auxy?

You can export Auxy projects to work specifically in either Ableton Live or Studio One, or render audio and MIDI files that you can import in any DAW.

Hope one day there’s an update where you can type in a word and you can choose either a male or female to sing the word and you can drag a note how long you want it to say the word. That way we can put our lyrics in. Or even a way to add a clip of our voice in.



Thanks lenny

Who else wants details on the “secret sauce of equalizers and compressors” that comprise the master effects. Because every now and then I use another iOS daw for other reasons (cough recording live via touchscreen pads and/or keys cough) and say to myself “how can I get this mix to sound more like Auxy?”

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great job guys

Phwuk yeah​:sunglasses::call_me_hand:

Virsyn Barkfilter → Triple Band preset. Problem solved lol :rofl:

I am only like 51% joking!!

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finally undo and redo!!! sadly, my subscription expired.

I also noticed a bug without the subscription where you can still select templates that use premium sounds, but they lock up after you go to the project page.

Time to sell a plugin with secret sauce? :nerd_face:


Look if Dada Life can do it I also believe in you!! haha

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Anyway to have drum names carry over past the first bar? So hard to keep track of what drum samples are loaded in which slots - if the vertical bar on the left side just scrolled with everything else (so that bar 2, 3, 4 all looked the same as bar 1), this would be a huge improvement and help a lot with workflow. Maybe I am just special but i can’’t keep track of my lanes past about 5 samples even though i try to load them in a similar order.

Love the direction you guys are headed with the app! I just subscribed for another year. Particularly stoked to see more flexibility open up so the app can be used for newbies and more seasoned folks (or folks like me who aren’t really seasoned but have grown with the app!)



He’s not wrong about bark filter (and that specific preset, which is a pro tip!)

How do i export my sounds into auxy without the premium version because i got no subscription for the premium version

You don’t - that’s behind the subscription. You could export the demo stuff out somewhere else though…

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