What's New in Auxy 6.5

We are excited to release a new version today! :partying_face:

With Auxy 6.5 you can:

  • Turn any sample into a melody with the melodic sampler (create a new instrument, choose “drums and samples” and look for “melodic sampler” at the very bottom of the list)
  • Save sounds and kits as templates that you can recall quickly in any project
  • Search for sounds in the reorganized browser
  • Adjust the master gain for projects in the project settings
  • Fine tune any instrument (tap the ⏣ icon in the tweak panel)
  • Add up to 24 instrument in each project
  • Get inspiration quickly with 18 new drum kits

Also in this version:

  • Resolved an issue that would cause audio glitches on certain device models
  • Fixed a number of smaller bugs
  • Added protection and logging to resolve a rare glitch that can corrupt the imported samples list (let us know if you have any issues and we will help you resolve it)

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and answer any questions below!




LETS GOOOOOOOO (I’m updating this on my moms phone)

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Just out of interest, why not V7?

The melodic sample doodad, templates, master gain, search, etc… all feel like major feature milestones.
Imo, a whole version number would have been justified.


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Very cool update, I remember asking for a master gain a couple years ago lol. Late but not forgotten! Gives me hope for live recording some day

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I’m really excited about this update. Auxy was my most dominate music app for a number of reasons, I subscribe monthly although I have moved onto Korg Gadget, as I haven’t seen any new sound packs or updates in awhile.

I’m looking forward to seeing the new features, and hope more sounds are introduced- It feels like a waste of money to be able to load my own one shots, when no additional sounds are being offered, and Gadget allows this for a one time 9.99 fee.

I loved Auxy, and really want to continue using it - I hope this update delivers.

Auxy really is a wonderful app btw- I love the workflow, the ease of use and the features


Yoooooo bigger track limit boisssss

I can’t wait


but in the drum templates, there should be separate categories for melodic samplers and drum presets. it’s hard to tell which one is which.


Yesssss search feature

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You can label them by setting the instrument label before you save them.

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I think we prefer to be a bit understated and focus on continuous improvements rather than redesigning the whole app.


There will be plenty of new sounds in the future for sure!

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These sounds like great qualities to me. :hugs:

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No need to wait, you can update right away! :sunglasses:

Does anyone have a little demo project that showcases the melodic sampler?

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I can make one rq, but also someone like mr mooo or Ben vacca would probably also be good choices

Feel free to post something quick so people get a chance to check out the melodic sampler in action. :love_you_gesture:

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here’s my custom instruments made with the melodic sampler

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Hey, cool update! I saw a notification for it just now …

Do you update Auxy through the app store or is there another way? I can’t seem to find the new features…