What's New in 5.4 - Ableton Live Export and Improved Reliability


This update introduces Ableton Live export—the perfect feature for Ableton users who use Auxy as a sketch pad for new tracks. It also brings some important changes to how projects and samples are stored and managed in the app.

New Features

  • Projects can now be exported as Ableton Live sets with instruments rendered as separate audio and MIDI tracks
  • Projects and samples are now stored in the app for improved performance and reliability
  • Projects and samples can now be easily imported and exported to iCloud and other places
  • Any imported samples used in a project are now included when you share the project
  • Each drum kit now has 16 sample slots and can be set to any color
  • When you delete an unused loop you now get the option to delete all unused loops for that instrument
  • A new option lets you duplicate automation when changing the loop length
  • The Ableton Link library has been updated to the latest version
  • We have fixed a number of bugs and crashes

About the New Project Features

Projects are now stored locally on your device (in the app). They are no longer stored in iCloud, which means you will always see all your projects and they will load instantly. Except for the improved reliability and performance, browsing and opening projects should work as usual.

Check the new Projects Help page for more details.

About the New Sample Features

Samples can now be imported and organized in the app, instead of referenced in iCloud. Once you have imported a sample, the app find it even if you rearrange your library. Note that if you have old projects with references to iCloud samples, you need to keep your library in the same order until you have opened these projects so that the app can update the sample references.

Check the new Samples Help page for more details.


Help Us Test the New Auxy Version!
Help Us Test the New Auxy Version!

We’re excited about this release! Even if it doesn’t feel very different from the previous version on the surface, there’s a lot of work done in the background, which has enabled a number of important workflow improvements. The most important example is that project and sample management is a lot more robust. No more waiting while projects sync from iCloud! It’s also a lot easier to import samples and collaborate on projects with imported samples, and the Ableton Live export is a key feature for people that use Auxy to sketch up tracks that they later finish in Live.

Looking forward to hear your feedback!



This is my favorite feature really. Having just one archive file instead of the file and a weird folder tree is very nice.


Me being a typical negative Nancy, ignore as desired

As someone who has been utilizing the iCloud functionality a lot more with the to-and-from work and home workflows, the return to non-synced projects is an interesting choice. I am all in favor of keeping things local, as iCloud was horribly buggy (because Apple) most of the time. However, I do not like the idea of having no way to still utilize the iCloud sync. Regardless of how buggy and slow and frustrating it was, I definitely appreciated the fact that everything was 100% present. From the way you’ve worded the section on “how to work on multiple devices”, it appears as if the backups are still done to the cloud. How regularly are these backups done? With every closing of the project or app?

Wowzers, I wasn’t expecting to get double xD More like only 10-12 was my initial idea. Glad to see this was addressed.

Y. E. S.

Y. E. S. I’ll be the roundabout

This is a nice thing to see, definitely.

All in all, these are fundamental changes to the app that will help and benefit everyone. Hopefully in the future more things can be added on top of this to prepare Auxy to the next level.



The backups happen as frequently as in previous versions. They do not include the samples. HOWEVER, you have the option to export your entire sample library and could copy it to another device. Then when you import from backup everything should line up perfect.

Alternatively, you could archive the project which would include the samples, and then copy the files to iCloud using Files app.



I love the collaborate with samples too



And how often is that? I know it was asked before but I don’t know if it was ever answered.



Unsure! It seems pretty damn frequent lol… judging by how many files I’ve got in that folder

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As often as the app would save projects to iCloud previously. The backups folder is automatically cleaned up as well to prevent having too many files there.

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How often is it happening? As often as it happened. >~> perfect nonanswer -shrug-

I get it though. Do you think that possibly having a way to select projects to sync to the iCloud would be an option for the future? Or would that require another rewrite of the entire project-storage method and therefore not be worth it?



If your sample library is the same on each device wouldn’t it be better to just export or projects, copy to an iCloud folder and then download on your other device? Then you know when the backup happened since you initiated it. I feel like there’s more control over this method. If the sample library isn’t the same on both devices you just export archive from the device with the samples, put on iCloud and then download to your other device - those used samples will be packed into the .axp. Just throwing it out there - this way actually seems more controlled to me

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It’s more the hassle of having to remember to send it over rather than it simply being there. I don’t usually use external samples anymore since I suck at picking them out and when I do I find it easier to work outside of Auxy with them, so the whole iCloud sample library isn’t the issue. It’s more my potential forgetfulness when it comes to projects that I work across devices. Again, I get that’s a niche use case, and frankly I hadn’t used it much until a month or so ago. Oh well xD

Again, I love the fact that .axp will hold samples. That’s absolutely fantastic. 100% wanted this. Makes things a million times easier. It’s more of the other functionality that I’ll be missing.



But I think backups are still saved in the cloud… just not with samples. @lenberg @Fredrik would have to clarify but pretty sure the backups stay there, projects are local to device (holistically) and exports contain samples



Since projects are no longer synced across devices, regardless if the backups are in there or not, that creates extra work for me to work across multiple devices. It also creates issues when there’s hundreds of projects all trying to sync at once, so it was dropped. Regardless of if the backups have samples or not, it’s the projects themselves that I would like to have at least some option of having cloud sync on. Such as a tag to give to projects to store on the cloud. That would possibly require another rewrite of the system, which is why 5.4 took so long to complete and had so many users testing it to make sure nothing was broken ideally as little as possible would be broken (Not a slam, i understand how software development works. A lot of hopes and wishes). I hope I explained this coherently this time xD

I suppose this is a feature request, with a detailed explanation as to why. Not one I technically see having any effect, but just an attempt to explain something I see as a source of frustration.



Hey! Y’all took my idea, @lenberg! Thanks!



Awesome! Can’t wait for this to drop!



ok its official, once i get my phone fixed im bringing auxy back to my workflow



Man, Auxy is just in really really good shape these days, good job guys. It’s like the only thing left to do is live recording and then we can coast on that and the regular sound packs for quite some time.



Live recording would be nice.