What's New in 5.2


thank you for finally saying what we’ve all been thinking for so long


I’m sorry that you have to go through all of this. Developing an app almost completely by yourself is tiring and time consuming. I have experience with programming and game development, so I completely understand the work you go through. Im amazed at how far Auxy has come since is started using it - I’ve seen the addition of so many features we consider normal now (like automation!). Please continue with what you’ve been doing, at whatever pace is best for you. I, as well as much of the community, understand that making something amazing takes time, and we are willing to be patient. Thank you for your continued effort to make auxy something great. You give us so many amazing opportunities.


Thanks for supporting! And don’t get the impression that we’re going through too much. Things are pretty good in general and we’re working on exciting stuff for the future.


Have you guys removed the yearly subscription?


lol i was like “holy hecc wakanda nonsense amount of money is that” then i noticed that wasn’t 'Murican dollars



Literally, same here. :joy::skull:


(20 seconds long)


You can still go yearly if you tap “manage subscription” and change to it there. We just wanted to simplify this screen a bit so removed the option upfront.


Ok :+1:t2:…phew now I can buy it!


Wait I’m not finding the “Manage Subscribtion” option


Start your trial and then open the how to tab…


Ok :+1:t2:


Btw the names of the new retrofit sound pack are a bit quirky, don’t you think? “High Heels”, and “McFluty” are my favorites now :laughing:


True enough. I also use thinly filtered pads with volume going from zero to max With lots of reverb for affective reverse impacts. Silk works well for this.


Are there full versions of the new featured tracks


No. There’s been a reoccurring problem where people would steal featured artist’s music


I dont mean like i want the full versions of the songs to edit or steal, i just want to hear the full version, or are they just test tracks?


They’re demo tracks of featured tracks. That hasn’t happened anymore because people would steal parts of the song


There should be a link to the full track on SoundCloud from the feed…


Are you talking about the new demo tracks?

If so, then two of them have full versions:

Gaze: https://soundcloud.com/officiallynull/gaze
Sand Castly: https://soundcloud.com/austin_haga/sand-castle

The other two do not appear to have full songs in relation to them.

If on the other hand you are talking about the tracks in the feed, there’s links to them to listen to in the feed as pointed out before.