What's New in 5.2 - Tag Sorting, Reverse Samples and More


From a personal standpoint, I don’t feel that a single instrument would necessarily devalue the subscription. It more likely than not would be more incentive for users to subscribe, showing them the new sounds that they will be getting.

My cousin actually was considering Auxy, but was turned off by the lack of sound. After trying to show them what used to be free, they said that would have been enough to convince them to subscribe. That can’t speak for everyone, of course, and i’m definitely not intending this negatively, but I don’t persoanlly feel the demo of Auxy incentivizes users enough to make the plunge into the subscription.



A single instrument? :thinking: You mean, 1 or 2, every pack? Because obviously one instrument isn’t gonna make the subscription worth nothing. Multiple instruments regularly added might, though.



I’d say enough instruments to demonstrate the pack effectively. Some packs may need more than one instrument to do that effectively of course. I still stand by my reasoning that even adding the original demo sounds would actually still retain the value of the subscription in full, but that’s just me.



I think it’d be a good idea to include both a bass and two leads from each pack. It summatizes must of the packs pretty well (besides the crazy bass only packs)



Has anyone suggested being able to change pitch without changing length?

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wait I just got the pun

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What do you mean?



well when you change the pitch of lets say a snare sample, the sample is sped up or slowed down when you change the pitch. Try speeding up or slowing down a youtube video. you’ll notice that it seems to sound lower when slowed or higher when sped up. What hexx is asking for is to be able to change pitch without affecting the speed, which is a pretty common thing in a lot of daws or editing softwares. It’s something that I think should be an addition too.



Yes. This is a major request from multiple people and I can’t wait for it to be implemented in a future update.

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