What's New in 5.2 - Tag Sorting, Reverse Samples and More


Well, I suppose now it’s time for some final thoughts on 5.2, in an effort to express positivity and supportiveness rather than leave my initial impressions around.

I’ve grown used to the new scene view, begrudgingly notwithstanding. There are a few things I wish could be changed, such as an easier way to know what pitch a note is playing when looking at the loop outside of the editor position instead of taking a wild guess every time, but that’s something easily solved by labeling everything. The reintroduction to numbers in the scene viewer itself would of course be helpful, and a different indicator of what loop is being used in which scene from the lower bar, like it was before, would be a handy reintroduction.

I still have yet to use the reversed samples inside the app itself, again as a personal preference, but I’m glad for the addition of duck-by-sample, as it’s made side chaining significantly easier to handle.

Personally, what I want to see in the future are more options and support for exporting stems. Despite them being simple and quick fixes to minor gripes, it would really help improve the overall experience, especially when I need to only correct a single instrument in a whole twenty-instrument project, multiple times, after bouncing out the stems. A fix for the glitch where sometimes stems are labeled as “bounce-#########” would be nice as well, as that occasionally occurs leaving another forced export to sit through. Another new bug I literally just uncovered is that somehow my exported stems turned out partially empty, forcing yet another export all instruments. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but it did :\ Since these are quick fixes, I definitely think they should be a priority as it wouldn’t take too long to handle such a thing, and would be a godsend to producers with workflows such as myself.

In regards to soundpacks, I’m glad to see the return of external sound designers/producers for the packs, as mentioned in another thread, as that will help to broaden Auxy’s influence significantly through word of mouth and social media. I hope to see more in the future for sure.

I suppose now it’s finally time to update out of 5.0… you will be forever missed
-taps begins to start playing-



Thinking about old Auxy versions makes me think about when i first used Auxy, and also when I first brought RAC essentials

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Anyone still remember when the logo was blue, iPhone 5’s were supported, and there were no soundpacks?



When i first used auxy sound packs existed

I think i first used auxy in ver 3.2

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Remember when Auxy for iPhone cost 5$ and it was Red? Lol



Remember when Auxy was green, only on iPad and you only got 4 instruments?



Woah nostalgia



Remember when auxy was good jk lol






That’s still the one I use.



Heck yes. Manually recording songs was intense

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I still have it. Am I special yet?



I still have it too. I never use it tho.

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i mean technically it still works with a 5s and SE so



Yeah I saw that and was like “hol up I have a 5s and it works for me”



5S and SE support iOS 12 though, is Auxy 5 not supported on them?

(Actually typing this on a blue 5C. I use Auxy on the 2017 iPad.)



Your statement is kinda confusing, but all iPhones that are good with iOS 11 should be good with 12 too (thanks apple). But I use an SE on iOS 10 still and it works fine & I get updates too.

You only need minimum 10.3 to run the app so if u have that ur good to go



yesssss omg and you had to dj the recordings

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Is it possible to do this: when every new sound pack comes out each month, can there be 1 or 2 demo sounds that are part of the new sound pack

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Yeah that would be cool. But it will always lower the value of having the subscription if the free user got some of the sounds.