What's New in 5.2 - Tag Sorting, Reverse Samples and More


because I understand wanting new features, but sometimes not recognizing the work to make that happen frustrates me… the devs don’t wave a magic wand and say “oh look a feature that will get 0 criticism and will fit EVERYONES workflow” they are trying. People on this forum do get a lil sassy and I don’t care for it, responding in the same way does no good. If someone wants to make some extreme statement expressing dissatisfaction that I only know of a few people on this forum are having, don’t even bother to reply to me. It’s already happens in many feeds where I put something on the brightside so that this forum stays constructive and realistic, while also maintaining an optimistic outlook- yet some people keep trying to be weird so that is why I responded that way. This is not a swamp of negativity. Other users need to feel like they could respond fairly too. If anyone will dislike me so more people could comfortably input their opinion without fear of a sass fest coming their way after, so be it.


Great Job Auxy Team,

Some of these additions are things I know a lot of us have been wanting, so it’s really cool that you guys figured it out.

I was pretty excited about reading this, although for some weird reason it never came into effect until late last night midway through me making my BTC. I tried updating my IOS to 12 to make it possibly update, I got a validation error so I’m still rolling 11, but when I opened up Auxy again it was there. If it works it works. Hehe

Auxy just keeps getting better and better, while my iPad keeps getting older and older. XD

Keep it up,


I edited it a couple months back, actually, just to add some new info on the big 5 update, but I’m not a super confident Wikipedia editor so I left everything else untouched


It’s cool that they have a userbase willing to get involved.
The fact that you stepped at all is great. Kudos to you for that.
(Some thanks to you from the Auxy team would probably be due too, for seemingly giving more sh*ts about how and what people learn about Auxy than they do.)

I’m mostly surprised that the team can’t even be bothered to make sure the Wiki listing stays current - or even just the basics, like making sure the listing uses the right name for the app.

I can’t think of a good excuse why they wouldn’t sort it out.

That said, even the big, glossy images on their own website still show the old UI, so…

It’s sloppy and amateurish.
From a Product Owner/Manager perspective, it’s shocking.

It’s frustrating because I do honestly wish the app success. Such a shame that the team don’t seem to care as much as you’d expect from people trying to make this their living.

I really don’t understand it.

(I still believe the best thing for the app would be for them to find a good buyer, so both of them can move onto something new that they’re actually passionate about.)


pertaining to that last statement:
You need to calm down. Henrik and Fredrik are doing their best to keep this app getting better and better, while also trying to balance that with a personal life. I think the best thing you can do is give them some goddamn space and remember that your opinion isn’t as important as you think it is. :relieved:


uhhhh if you’re a paying customer, your opinion should be important. If a chef at a restaurant gets 10 comments that his burger is too salty, it’s probably too salty.

If multiple people on the disco are saying that some things are wrong or should be fixed, then it might be something to look into.

Obviously this shouldn’t need to be for everything but you should at least keep your brand up to date everywhere you have it displayed so there’s no confusion for people.
Imagine if you saw an apple ad for the iPhone 8, then another one for the iPhone 5. You’d think “well that’s not very professional looking and those ad’s are super outdated”. Same applies here.


I respect the point you make because you do it in a sensible and non-destructive manner. You avoid using toxic language such as “can’t be bothered” or “sloppy and amateurish”. Thank you for telling me your side of the story, which I happen to agree with.

I wasn’t attacking the point he made, I was attacking the fact that he feels the need to say everything in such a rude and destructive manner.


I just realized the animation of duplicating a loop comes up differently now instead of coming out from behind the loop getting duplicated


As someone recently said…

remember that your opinion isn’t as important as you think it is.



Henrik and Fredrik are doing their best to keep this app getting better and better, while also trying to balance that with a personal life. I think the best thing you can do is give them some goddamn space…

They’ve got space. They don’t seem be doing much with it.
If Auxy is (now) a part-time endeavour, a side hustle, for them, that’s fine. I’ll lower my expectations accordingly.

But, how much time do you believe is needed to update your product’s/company’s Wiki listing?
I’m thinking 15 minutes, but apparently it takes them years.

…or update a few images on your own website?
Again, maybe 15 minutes? No, apparently it’s months.

How about make a few posts on your social channels so users can “stay in the loop”?
An hour, maybe two, each month? Who knows how long it takes them. They don’t do it.

And you believe the problem is they’re not being given enough space?

This is basic stuff. Not difficult or time consuming.

It’s not hard to credit both Henrik and Fredrick as intelligent, capable people. It’s hard to believe this is them ‘doing their best’. This is not the level or quality of output you’d I’d expect from 6-8 hours of work each day by intelligent, capable people.

How can anyone (who knows anything about products/services) look at the utter lack of attention they’ve paid to the Wiki, the official website, their social channels, etc… or how little they engage here and how poorly they sometimes engage when they do engage - and not see that as cause for concern?

I thought I was paying for a product/service, not sponsoring someone’s vanity project or laid-back lifestyle choices.
It would great - and reassuring - if the business I’m giving my money to did the things you’d expect from a serious (albeit tiny), modern business.

A lack of space is not the problem.

We need to fix the forums!

A fair point maybe.
Maybe I’m over-invested, but I’ve run out of patience and can no longer sugar-coat legitimate observations.
I’ve honestly not seen an upside to pandering here.

They’ve squandered much of the goodwill.
I stand by every comment.

How often do they need to hear ”Hey guys, it would maybe be helpful to the business if the online info about app was more up-to-date and you were more active on social media. Just a thought. Thanks :slight_smile: before they recognise it as a good point - and act on it?

If it helps, think of me as ‘bad cop’ to other people’s ‘good cop’.

We need to fix the forums!

Just wanted to say that 5.2 has worked quite well on my phone running iOS 11, and the new instrument sorting is absolutely fantastic. It’s a bit unresponsive at the bottom-most entry, but I believe that’s more of an apple problem than an auxy problem, as I’ve had that sort of problem on every app with a sorting bar that goes all the way to the bottom of the screen. Either way, just trying to give out my support and positivity here. even if it doesn’t really matter in the end anyway


Same here. Good to know it’s not me/my motor skills.

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Thanks for pointing the problem out in such clear wording!

I’m tired of arguing about nonsense with people who seem so determined to put things in a negative light, regardless of what we do.


Here’s from the Wikipedia FAQ: “You are discouraged from writing articles about yourself or organizations (including their campaigns, clients, products and services) in which you hold a vested interest.”

So if someone wants to update the post we’d be happy for your support! Thanks @stereofield for previous efforts!


Well… I think it’s time to politely ask you to leave the room and let us do our thing over here.


You have made various statements but this is definitely one of the statements that I can agree with the most.

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Completely Agree with you


Seriously, nobody is going to listen to you if you don’t approach them with respect. That said, there are some legitimate points to be made about the management of Auxy at this point, but please, please, please do not raise them in such a hostile way.


Ha, maybe, But the backwards impact is becoming a bad cliche… Just watch the trailer for any new Hollywood action or science-fiction movie, and there will be one backwards impact about every 10 seconds. Every edit in the trailer will have a backwards impact, they are killing it through overuse, IMO.


I more just meant that you can use them like risers, to add a bit of flavor, instead of always using sweeper.

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