What's New in 5.2 - Tag Sorting, Reverse Samples and More


My subscription is about to run out in a few days. (Noooooooo)

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Little shout out from Ashley Elsdon - C/O CDM.


A nice shoutout but she’s using the image from the oldest version of Auxy xD I just kinda find that funny, any news is good news for sure.


He :grimacing:

I’ve made the same mistake lol.

Yeah I feel like old images always get used when there’s articles about this stuff, unsure why

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I think that’s just journalism in general, whatever image comes up quickest is used. But I could be wrong, I’m simply assuming things based on past experiences here xD


Just gonna leave this here.
Maybe Lenberg will pop in and edit it… :wink:



I don’t think anything can be done about it, but, if you reverse any of the shifted snares, you get the snare hit and the “shift” part of it simultaneously.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I get why it would happen like that. Just interesting :slight_smile:


I’d like to third this. A visible-from-the-work-area time counter is also useful for quickly finding a problem spot that doesn’t start to bother you until you’ve been listening outside of Auxy for a month.

On a related note, a bar+beat counter would be very nice as well, per my ongoing lament over the play button changes and removal of numeric indication in the scene view.

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About the reverse option under length, i can only reverse my drums and not the melodies, because there isn’t a length option under the melodic instruments.


Currently, there’s no possible way to reverse melodic lines. In fact, this isn’t really an option in many DAWs. It’s a difficult process, and can pose numerous difficulties. For Auxy, though, there are a few workarounds you can do, such as recording a brief clip of just one instrument and then turning it into a sample that you then import back into Auxy, which should be more than sufficient to handle most uses.


Yup agreed. Some software can play midi clips in reverse, but it’s just note order. If you’re literally looking to reverse the AUDIO of what’s played it’s got to be a sample (or you’re using some kind of buffer scrubbing VST, or like what one of the DJ effects in GarageBand does)

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you’re still on 5.0? Didn’t 5.1 make scene views a bit more easy to understand offsets and length? Just update you get used to it asap. When they first added the new design I was confused, then an update came and it’s great again. Haven’t updated to 5.2 but i’m assuming it’s the sameish in the way of ease of viewing scene length, I hope. Everyone seems happy.


I use 5.1 (and now 5.2) for exporting stems via my phone, as they are labeled. However, scene length isn’t easy and I don’t easily know which loop is playing just looking at the scene view. As others said, I’d prefer numbers. It’s not like it’s impossible, and when I’m used to it enough I’ll end up making the jump, but as of right now for the purposes and ease of how I use Auxy, the new view is more trouble for me.


Indeed. Shows you out of date the Auxy Wiki entry is.
Nothing stopping Lenberg popping in and updating it. :man_shrugging:

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If you really believe that, you’ve not been paying attention.

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yeah, it seems like a good business move to keep your wikipedia entry, the thing that people will see in the sidebar whenever they look up your product, up to date lmao.

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k drama queen

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No drama. Just letting you know you’re mistaken. :slight_smile:

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Is there a reason you often resort to ad hominem statements in these discussions? :sweat_smile:

Just seems a bit counterproductive

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