What's New in 5.2 - Tag Sorting, Reverse Samples and More


Awesome! Very very lit!

Sorry, idk what else to say.

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These new features focus mainly on Samples, which is good! Also a lot of bugs were fixed! They got a lot of requests filled. Love it :+1:


Is this an update in the store because I’m not seeing it




YES! Just got home from school and I’ve had a lot of work, not much time to make music, but just saw this, immediately updated! I’m excited to try out the new features. Thanks guys for the hard work and awesome features! :pray::+1:


These are what I’ve needed. One of the main reasons I suggested reversing samples at one point.


Select all function is much appreciated! No more painfully scrolling the selector across 8 bars. Drag and drop - legit. Thanks!


Amazing job, @Fredrik, and you as well, @lenberg! I quite enjoy the new update a lot! Much appreciated! I especially love the song length timer! Amazing work guys!


cc. @lenberg

Same issue. Confirmed on both iOS 10 and iOS 11.

Send you the logs from both devices. :wink:

EDIT: It’s not 100% of the time, of course. But it’s notable enough that I was able to replicate it on multiple devices without spending too much time on it.

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You made me happy for the first time in 3 months


Sounds fun! I’ll have to get back into producing.


Thank you so much for tags :sunglasses:


i realize that the thread title is a rhyme


One problem… Every time I try to change the global settings of a sample in a drum kit or the drum kit as a whole, the UI doesn’t show up and the screen just goes dark. You can still tap off to return to editing. It’s nice to see all this work put into the samples, if only we could access these options…

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Never mind… It just started working again…


It would easily fit - and make UI/UX sense - if the duration was inside the ‘Add/+’ button (with the duration above the + symbol).

By using the Add/+ button, you’re electing to extend the track (duration), so it would be consistent to show the current duration within that CTA.

I think it’s a handy reminder having it on the Export button too, but it really should also be at the point where it’s directly relevant and helpful.

It’s not an incidental number. Music makers regularly make changes to tracks based on shaping that number. So, put it where the changes are happening - i.e. in the scenes bar.

This rationale was put to you many months ago, so while it’s better than nothing, it’s disappointing that the solution you went with fails to properly address the need, when doing so was perfectly achievable.


Let us know if this happens again though!

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I’d like to second this. :point_up:


Thanks a lot for these great improvements! Auxy is great by sound and handling. One thing still could enhance the handling: A “per bar loop option” in a pattern. For example: If you are working on bar 7 in an 8-bar pattern, one could set bar 7 to loop and listen to this bar several times and don’t have to wait until bar 7 in an “whole pattern loop” occurs. Of course one can scroll to bar 7 (without looping the whole pattern) but this way one has to start and stop again until bar 7 is finished. Best regards


when the new update comes out the day your subscription runs out😓