What's New in 5.2 - Tag Sorting, Reverse Samples and More


Well, maybe, but @Fredrik is more legendary in this case! :sunglasses:


Yes but we couldn’t really find a nice way to fit it.


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Form follows function, no?

Not sure sacrificing UX at the alter of design style is the right move, but hey…

…having it at all is still an improvement.

That said, I’ll continue to keep requesting it until it’s in the right place. :wink:


Is this only for iOS 12?


Still have my hesitations about updating my main point of workflow out of the scene view from 5.0, but the new changes are quite impressive and worth talking about. For those who wish to view my digression on the interface changes, you can find them detailed in the “Read more” section.

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Personally, I still find the lack of numbering too detrimental and frustrating to work with for my tastes. As people have mentioned before, the scene view feels overengineered and adds complexity. Offsets are frustrating to figure out, and frankly I can’t easily tell what pitch is being played with the way the loops currently display their contents. Only relative motion, not actual pitches which was easier to do with the old scene view. But I know that’s a losing battle, and eventually I’ll need to bite the bullet and upgrade my iPad as well.

Reversing samples are useful, and it’s a great introduction to the app. I have my own personal methods and workflow, which are detailed in the “Read even more” if you wish to do so.

Read even more

I feel like my current solution for handling this will be easier in the long run, since drum kits don’t have any option to export a single track per sample (something that would really improve the shift towards having Auxy play better with other applications) nor to scale a sample to a specific size. Usually, I reverse my impacts and have them only a bar long, and that’s not possible to do with Auxy (and frankly I don’t want it to be, it’s frustrating enough as is and isn’t very useful aside from my own preferences). I do think individual sample lines would be a blessing. As is right now, I don’t even use the drum exports from Auxy because it’s impossible to work it into my workflow due to the necessary EQ I need to do, and as mentioned a solution could be to have an option to export drums by sample.

As well, I don’t think the timer would have been out of place on the actual scene window, nestled between the right skip button and loop button seems like a perfect place for it. But I’m not the one who designed it so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

20 Second samples is a great step in the right direction, but as mentioned before the inability to export drum samples individually to separate tracks really hurts my workflow and style, so I don’t know how much I’ll be using it.

Thank you for fixing the bug with the export stems, that’s really been a huge pain and I’m glad it’s fixed. Same with the select all option and the ducker triggers. I’ll need to do some experimenting with the tags to see how well they will work for me.


Can confirm that if you aren’t using IOS 12 the app crashes a ton. It becomes unusable really.


No. Runs on 10.3 or later.


That’s not good. Can you send us an email from within the app (if that works) so we get some logs? We recommend updating to iOS 12 regardless though.


The reverse samples option is useful for impacts in builds, and it’s also just fun to mess around with. The song time is SUPER neat, I really needed that. Sample time increased to 20 seconds is good too.

@lenberg one issue is that whenever I switch from an app (my browser in this case) to Auxy, it runs like normal except for that the play/pause button ceases to work.


Exactly what was happening to me before the app just freezes up and crashes.

ill send some logs later @lenberg

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I still don’t have the option to update.


Hm… which iOS version are you running?

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iOS 12.


It always takes some time for it to propagate fully to the App Store in all countries.


Ok. Could you please send us an email from within the app (“Contact Support”) so we can investigate? Thanks!


Ok. Will gladly email.


@Lenberg are there any new sounds with the update?


Nope but there are some background additions to the sound engine to prepare for some upcoming sounds. :wink: