What's New in 5.2 - Tag Sorting, Reverse Samples and More


We just released version 5.2 with the following improvements:

  • Sort your projects with tags. Swipe left in the list to tag a project.
  • Reverse playback option for any sample. New toggle added under the length setting for each sample.
  • Trigger the ducker with any sample. New toggle added under the volume setting for each sample.
  • Quickly reorder instruments with drag and drop.
  • ‘Select All’ option added to the editor. Touch and hold the grid until the selection box appears, then tap the box to select all notes in the loop.
  • Current song length timer added to settings.
  • The ‘Make new loops chromatic’ setting is now applied to all projects and properly stored between sessions.
  • Now possible to clear sample slots.
  • Imported samples can now be up to 20 seconds long.
  • Fixed an issue where Auxy would take more space after exporting stems.
  • The app is updated for and tested for iOS 12.
  • Some bug fixing and lots of polish as usual… :slight_smile:

As a little bonus, we have added four new demo projects created by some of our beta testers. They will be automatically added for new users, but you can also download them here:

Hope you like it and welcome to share your feedback and questions in the comments below!


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Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work!

Question… can you now add a ducker to the samples themselves? Or is it that only the samples themselves can trigger the ducker?




The tag name created can’t be edited.
impossible to delete the tag.



For now you can only trigger the ducker for melodic instruments.

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What if you swipe left on the tags in the list when you edit the tags for a project?



ah sorry
i can edit and deleted.

no problem

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thank u guys for all the work you put into the app.

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Yes yes yes. Thank you SO MUCH for the reverse sample option. MY BUILDUPS ARE GOING TO BE SO MUCH BETTER NOW THAT I CAN REVERSE IMPACT SOUNDS :smiley:



Very nice updates!

A good balance between QOL and functionality changes imho.



Wait. Yes. We have tags now! This is AMAZING. One of my first real suggestions from months ago is a reality. @lenberg… you’re a real legend. Thank you so much. This update is PERFECT.

And drag and drop instruments… I’m happy.

Select all notes too…

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Well, there goes my weekend. :wink:

Small question re: song length timer…

Why not put it in the scenes bar? That would give users a constant reference as they’re constructing tracks?
(Just a bit of simple maths, no?)

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Holy moly I’m gonna be using this a LOT



Some solid workflow feature updates. :+1:

And the universe is once again at peace.
Much appreciated. Really.



Reversed impacts are officially the coolest thing ever



Awesome updates, I know I’m not actively using Auxy right now, but what you guys are doing is great and I still have it installed because I’m super hopeful my workflow will fit it again :slight_smile:

These are all a step in the right direction!

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So I’m just gonna assume that there’s no copyright laws restricting the new demo projects, right? Or are people not allowed to re-upload these(or edited versions w/o credit, etc.)

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In music, if there’s no other license specified, always assume “all rights reserved”. Although in these cases I think asking the creators of those is fairly straightforward.

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Lenberg you are a true legend. Keep up the fantastic work!!

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