What would you think Auxy 2019 would be like?


If you don’t, somebody will.

It’s almost 2019. You know the deal. Auxy 6, or Auxy 2019, will come out soon. Tell me, what is your thoughts on what is gonna be added in the next major update of Auxy. Or, if you think there would be no Auxy 2019, tell me why you think it wouldn’t exist.

What I’ll think will be added is an option to add audio (Voices, Samples, etc.) in your projects and improve the automation system to be more advanced.[quote=“stereofield, post:2, topic:13378”]
Also, you’re a year late. Importing audio & samples has been here since Auxy 5 came out


I don’t think Auxy is operating on a schedule where they will release their major versions every year at the same time…

“Auxy 6” would probably have to change at least something significant about the app to warrant a full major version change. Regardless of what the update is called, it seems like the devs have been taking user feedback into account pretty well recently, which is great. I’ve been super satisfied with the 3 most recent melodic packs, and I like the direction the sounds seem to be going.

As for upcoming features, I got nothing. This thread –> Post your great Auxy feature idea here!

Also, you’re a year late. Importing audio & samples has been here since Auxy 5 came out :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re telling me that you can record audio via the app and nothing external and save those audio files via the app and not from anything external?


If you’re talking about recording audio, maybe clarify that a bit. It’s a pretty good idea, though, wouldn’t be surprised if they add it at some point soon


I’m not 100% sure what I’m expecting but here are my hopes:

Time signatures
–Pretty essential for film scoring and jazz, but would be useful in just about every genre.

Sound packs
–Hoping for some Moog synths, vintage keys volume two, and jazz solo instruments.

–I would like to see some more scales. The modes should be options (Dorian, Phrygian, Locrian, Lydian, Mixolydian) and some of the Japanese scales like the Hirajōshi scale. (To clarify, I know I can use any of these scales in Chromatic mode, but it would be a great convenience, especially for users who don’t know any theory.)


Do agree that some changes that have been getting mentioned a lot have seemed to come up more recently. In other areas, not as much, but there’s been a cohesive direction in features that have been duly noted and appreciated.

I’d say whenever Auxy 6 would be around, it would have to provide true melodic sampling. That would be the major addition it would actually need to qualify such a huge step up in numbering. A rework to the way scenes are handled, such as allowing for x-numbered bars instead of even intervals, or even introducing the dreaded and hated time signatures would be great as well. I’d even take just getting to set tempo based on scene.


Sample Chopping.


Well for starters… they would add “Oof” as a real instrument.

Day #12.5



yesssss we need that so much🙏🏻


I think it’ll be able to make music n stuff


It “does the sounds ‘n stuff” ™


I hope this year the devs could update us on upcoming features. I don’t want another case where the devs tell us nothing about changes like what happened when Auxy 5 came out.

My wishlist for 2019 is more colors, better organisation, a more advanced UI for iPad models, a simpler UI for smaller screens like the 5S or SE, and 7 octaves.


lol as nice as that’d be, phone mic’s r still pretty bad. You’d need some external mic anyway for good quality vocals (unless you’re going for that effect maybe. DotEXE/S.W.E. style lol)


Actually, iPhone’s microphones are really good, especially when recording video. My S8 has a really good microphone, especially since I have two to create binaural audio. Since Auxy is geared towards creators rather than sound engineers, using an iPhone’s two microphones is perfect for amateurs


dang ur living in 2018 but im stuck in 2016 with my SE.

idk. I’ve always had a lot of extra noise in some of my audio recordings for samples that i go and clean up in GB.


I dunno what SE video mics sound like to be honest


they’re not bad, but not great. Prob wouldn’t be my first option.

But i do realize we could prob just record through headphones or heck, there are attachment mics for phones that work too.