What will the next big auxy genre be?

Since auxy got it’s following, there have been phases of genres of music we’ve been producing. It started in 2018-2019 with the futurebass era of auxy, and now 2019-2021 we’ve seen the Chillsynth/synthwave era of auxy. I’d like to hear the best guesses as to what the next big trend will be. I’ll leave my thoughts on the matter as well.

Tf2 orchestral cover

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My vote is for power electronics or sine step.

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Melodic dubstep
I hope


I lot of new people that use auxy are starting to make trap soooo my guess is trap

I agree

future bounce gang rise up

oh its only like four people nvm


Since this has gotten quite a bit of attention, I’ll leave my thoughts on it. I personally see a lot of current synthwave artists shifting to making house music. The kind with a lot of 909 drums and jazzy chord progressions. The best example is tolberto. I hope it goes this way, it’s a very fun genre to make :slight_smile:

Realistically speaking, popular genres will influence how Auxy artists create music. Hard to tell what the next genre will be, but 2000s nostalgia is starting to hit hard, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up being the next dominantly genre used in Auxy.

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