What we miss in Auxy ๐Ÿ™!

Yeah, it looked pretty cool.


in the trailer there was an instrument called moose

Did moose get renamed or was it removed from the app


Renamed! Check the original sounds.

which of the original sounds used to be moose

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Iโ€™ll check rn

I think corn or marble?

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As far as I know there was no instrument called Moose, it might be renamed instrument.


hope they update the app and get that back.

Idk why but Iโ€™m kind of starting to miss when an unnamed project was called โ€œUntitled #โ€ by default.


true :persevere:

I never used the og Auxy app. I wish I didโ€ฆ Man, I can only imagine what those synths sounded likeโ€ฆ

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If you want to see the rest I mean, if you have auxy jam (new version), thereโ€™s sounds that auxy pro does not have. Well some of them came in the new version but still! Itโ€™s okay my guy, hope we get em soonโ€ฆ

Def miss auto-syncing between devices.
Not sure why they removed that. It was very useful.


I think itโ€™s still here but now itโ€™s with airdrop, I think?

Itโ€™s just that little bit too much effort, compared to before, which was more seamless.
If I continue work on the other device, Iโ€™ll generally grab it from iOS Files Auxy backups, as I may not always have the device with the latest version on it with me when I fancy working on it more.

(Tbh, I thought the feature wasnโ€™t far off being perfect, so I was surprised and disappointed when they pulled it. It was a game-changer when they added it. Made a real difference to my x-device workflow.)

Did they ever explain why they pulled it?


Itโ€™s not, you used to be able to automatically sync projects between devices without having to do anything. Now you have to AirDrop them or send yourself a link


Idk what you mean by that.

It used to be that projects and samples were all saved in iCloud. The folder structure looked like iCloud/Auxy/Samples (itโ€™s actually still there now). You could have a project on like, an iPhone, even with samples, and if you picked up an iPad signed into the same iCloud account you could open that project and all the samples with no issues because they all pointed to the same place.

The change to locally stored samples came in version 6 I think? Or some 5.x release. So what happens now is that both projects and samples are stored locally. If you pick up another device all of the projects and samples no longer live in the cloud, so in order to continue on another device youโ€™d have to airdrop or copy to Files app, etc.

Thatโ€™s what crystldawn and ThoughtfulNoise are talking about


Okay now I get it.

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Apparently, it was dropped due to appleโ€™s own API being hard to work with and causing performance issues when trying to load projects. So the feature was dropped back with 5.4, it was a month or two before 6 actually launched.

While I donโ€™t begrudge the removal due to technical difficulties, I still feel it was a bad choice and itโ€™s one of the reasons Iโ€™ve moved away from Auxy as a whole.