What we miss in Auxy πŸ™!


bruh drum dist and comp


The original app had MIDI capabilities, yeah


How did wind sound like? Is it like something we have now?


It was a very juicy synth, unfortunately none of our current sounds come close.

I’ll try to record a demo later on.


Okay, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


But you could never follow the melody with the dots


There was one lead called dizzy that was my favourite. Blooody hell the OG days


@Plhector video demonstration that also includes Dizzy for @DJ_La_Rocca


It was a lot easier to know what notes were played though it’s really difficult to tell the pitch of a note just looking at the scene viewer without going in and editing it, especially if the scenes are very similar.

Also, the dots were amazing and did nothing wrong. Poor dots… -tear-


Dang. Wind, cone and dizzy sound really good


β€œHey look, AP Packs every 2 months!”

I saw that delete by the way. I mean, cmon, that took me a while to make that Avatar joke.


What version is that?


Auxy 4.3




I miss Dizzy and Blender

My favorite instruments of all time


Good old days


It is not a function, but I miss this lovely menu screen


I miss pale blue too



You can still have that color, there are some projects with the instrument colors from the earlier versions.


Ace! Thanks for sharing!