What we miss in Auxy πŸ™!

The secret gray is a vibe

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So there was a white one!! But where did you get all those others from?? (The brick, indigo, green, gray ones). I think the red and pink look pretty similar to usable colors though.

Wait wth you have a black one too?!

He probably had an old project that had all the colors

Someone other than the devs found a way to add them, but I can’t remember who. The red and pink used to be usable, but were removed until they were added back again, so that’s why they’re there.

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Actually it’s invisible.





XD what?

I like new Auxy

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We need the old sounds! Which old sounds?


What we miss in Auxy…
I guess I miss the vibe and energy and excitement that the community had for the app early back in 2017 on the forum here…

i am kind of angry to see it dashed by the devs like it has been and the disdain displayed for the community noticeably right now β€” promising revolution in music-making, no less, remember, and people really got behind it β€” but I often felt like the devs were kind of dismissive for a long while anyway, initially of people’s various suggestions (saying things weren’t needed like different time signatures, haha, and so on) and then from a prolonged absence and lack of communication around that and even being kind of dismissive about people’s expectations around having that because they’re subscribing, etc. Then including the total lack of presence now.


that and I still miss Kayasho in the community lol

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I miss Kayasho and their music :sob:

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i miss everything that i liked from auxy

Like what?

i miss being able to change the instrument from the tweak panel using those arrow buttons, and also when selecting a instrument the preview note matched the set key and tweaks

i miss the old pattern screen, i miss the old interface, if you had auxy during 2017, i think you would understand what i mean.

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even though those old versions were limited or hard to work in, we all miss them i wish i could re-experience v3.5 again

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