What we miss in Auxy πŸ™!


As you all knew that Auxy is evolving and changing time to time to push the app boundaries into more serious music production software.
As a result we have seen our fav. feature got removed for some reason.
Now you all have to tell what were those features that you liked the most and that got removed

Keep in mind it’s about features that Auxy used to have previously,
No new features suggestion over here :point_left:


I personally think auxy looked nicer a year ago but its just opinion


Drum automations.


(in before @blakkaz)

MIDI control.

Aside from that, I really miss the distortion and compression effects from the original drumkits. They really helped to add a dynamic layer to the drums that is no longer present. Even if they were only able to be applied on a single sample without automation, I’d be happy if they were to return.


I originally bought the app to use as a MIDI sequencer.

Still bummed that functionality was removed tbh…


I miss Dotted Loops

Also Round Loop Marked Play Button


We will all miss our lord and savior the round loop marked play button. Rest in peace, old friend.

-taps begins to play-


I also miss the old way of recording automation.
Was it called β€˜transitions’…?

Placing notes in a quantized piano roll has always felt a little static to me.
This was a nice way to give life to your loops.


What a throwback, damn


Two things you might be thinking of:

Transitions, a less complicated version of the automation we have now (beginning and end only).
Live recording, a feature of the old Auxy app which was replaced by scenes.


Of Course Automation in Auxy 3

Not to forget Arrangement Panel

Also Drums with Compressor and Distortion


It looked very eye catchy especially the Dotted Loops


S O U N D P A C K S, like just the sound pack, nothing else


I remembered the Auxy for iPad (Green Logo) which had Loop the Current Bar feature
I loved that and miss it


I’ll be completely honest - I do NOT miss the arrangement panel. It took up way too much screen space and it’s so much better now that you can edit arrangement and which instruments are playing simultaneously.


Gonna totally agree here. Yeah it took a bit to get used to but it’s better from a usability perspective and workflow.


I don’t miss transitions at all. Sure, the levels could be set to 48 (or even more it felt like there was no rhyme or reason when attempting to set macro levels) intervals instead of 24, but trying to set values across multiple scenes was the single most terrible ordeal ever.

I do think they were unique, and could be used well. It’s just that for me (and others hopefully) it was infuriating to set levels across a song.


Bruh that pic is a nostalgia and a half




i miss AFS