What was your first Auxy Track?

Same, but technically started with Ableton last year and loops that I used for a little but

I worked so hard on this track and was so excited when I made it a few months ago. It was my first track I made produced in Auxy. Prior to that I had messed around with Ableton, Novation Launchpad for iOS, & Blocswave- but I no longer wanted to use premade loops and wished for a miracle app that would allow me to produce my own music. Right before feeling like I was gonna give up on music entirely for a while, I browsed the App Store, downloaded a couple of apps and Auxy stayed!


Flare is not bad! I know there are some genius 12 year olds that could play piano from the age of 3 and make that in their sleep, but at 12 I was playing Sims all day and night, so that’s actually not bad at all!

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https://app.auxy.co/projects/8YQ9V5eppWG-4dmVIECLcA== xd it’s terrible

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Yo I’m 12 and played piano from 3 :thinking:


Shut up, forreal?? Haha I don’t doubt it, I know there are so many talented people on this forum :slight_smile:

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I’ve played the piano for 7 years (from 2010)

well my first and most recent tracks are both non auxy lul.
First track:

Most recent:

Is it only me who thinks that their first track is one of their best :joy:

I sat and played piano for days to get these melodies :joy:

Anyways hope you enjoy

Here’s where I’ve ended up

Tell me your fav so I know where to go towards :joy:

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I feel like making a remix to this one day, I’ve improved a lot from when I first started earlier this year :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve started about a year ago and even this isn’t my very First track, it is the First that i’ve posted on soundcloud
And this is the last track, a remix of Alex Lambert - Pluto

I started making music on auxy less than a year ago. Here’s my first project I ever created.
lol its really bad

Boy oh boy.

Very first project that I never finished:


Most recent:


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Lurking in these old topics, don’t mind me


Don’t worry. Once I posted and saw something say “5 months later” and I knew I was screwed

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My first EVER track on a music platform


My most recent song:


See how I’ve evolved?

Oh god. this is like a reminder of the cringe of my youth xD.
14 years ago I was playing in a band and we had a really bad recording. It was awesome at the time. I really wanna get a hold of that recording xD. Two years after that when i was 15 I wrote my first piano piece. I made amidi cover, and that’s the first early recording i have left. I posted it six (6) years ago on soundcloud when i found out about it.
Muse - Thoughts of a Dying Athiest (Cover)
1 year of Auxy (in one day from now:11/22/16)
Shut the Front Door (First Auxy Track)
and Now (Not including Challenge or Remix)
Pixel Problem

So before anyone gets down on themselves about their music (we all get to that point), everyone bears their cringe when they look back on their music. Making music takes time and the skills are gradually learned and improved over time. I still have a long way to go, myself. I see a lot of years doing this, so no rush. “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” -

you rebirthed thoughts that should have not been lurked upon! just realized how old this was. i was wondering why everyones most recent songs were a month old xD

This is my first track made using the old Auxy app (which I believe is now known as “Auxy Classic”)

My latest full track is made in Logic Pro X but is quite a bit quieter

I’m also going to include my latest Auxy track (which is my third latest track overall) as this will show the development better