What was the first project you created in Auxy?

Auxy’s iOS revision came out in June 2016.
Curious to see what your guys’s first project sounds like. It’ll be interesting to see how much people grow in Auxy.

Here’s mine

First song that’s posted with iPhone Auxy was this:

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some garbage i immediately deleted out of shame


and uhh, scuba which just came out, is my first completely solo project

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Hey! Here’s the first song I actually put effort into :smile: I probably made some first but then deleted them XD


My first song :L

Actually I probably deleted it.

Thanks gossip.


I didnt know how to use scenes when i first got auxy embarresment

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https://soundcloud.com/lastr3sort/decisions My first song I didn’t straight away delete lol

I’d been messing around with the earlier (Auxy Music Creator) app for a couple months when I downloaded Auxy Music Studio, with scenes. This was my very first project in it:

My VERY FIRST track in auxy was about 6 different instuments from the originals. All of them only had one loop 4 bars long. Somehow it actually didnt sound bad! But this was when auxy FIRST came out on the iPHONE.

My very first collaboration was a megalovania remix. A song from undertale that i felll in loooovvvve with and dreamed of making my own remix. You can find this on my soundcloud. But i did it with mainly phoenix. A couple others helped us as well!

Here’s mine

Random track



This Was 12 Months ago xd

First full song I’ve ever made


I don’t have the original project, but here is the soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/casey-raz/up?in=casey-raz/sets/dark-2016-1

The first project I had that actually turned into a track.

However, that was not the first. The first was on the very old version of Auxy on the iPad. You know, the one with only 4 instruments max in your song and you had to record live beats? Yeah that one. It was a cover of Megalovania from Undertale, and it sounded like absolute garbage. It’s long gone now, don’t think I’ll ever see it again.


I deleted the first one I uploaded because it sucked so much but I guess if I kept it it would make all my other songs seem amazing :thinking:

My very first song was a remix of an undertale song. This was the very first collab/remix/track that i ever finished and posted to soundcloud. This was also the first song that me and @Phoenix ever worked on together.


my very first song was called “Asymmetrical” and it was just that - not in sync. my ears bleed after just thinking about that again xD