What was auxy 1.0 like?

So I discovered and started using auxy while it was still Auxy 3 (because I remember auxy 4 came out the summer after) and it was a lot different then it is now. No custom drum kits, no automation, and there was only 7 sound packs. But I wonder what was it like even before that? What was the original version of auxy like?


Wow. It’s like looking at a completely different app

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The Auxy music creation app was simple to use and great for playing live. Even though each instrument was limited to having ten scenes, there still was a lot you could do with it. Instead of laying out a song in scenes you literally played it all through, live. Playing live also allowed you to switch out instruments. The app only consisted of one column for drums, one column for your bass, and two columns for leads… but with practice you could quickly switch out the instruments while recording, opening up tons of possibilities. The drum kits were pretty amazing and totally ahead of their time. The app had 5 drum kits, each consisting of 16 sounds. Instead of a ducker feature, the app had a “pump” feature. (Same thing!) The app was pretty limited on sounds but, it didn’t lack in quality. There are a good amount of sounds I truly miss and wish that someday the developers could release to us again. Such as Blender, Lushy, Prom, Slacker, Wind, and Salt. The app allows the tempo to be changed from 60 to 200, and the key from C to B. The app was certainly an amazing start for Auxy, can’t wait to see what the future holds!


It’s kind of incredible this is all from 5 years ago. In terms of App Store longevity, that’s pretty impressive. Music apps are a bit of a different beast I guess (Gadget has been around for quite some time, Cubasis etc etc) but these are all from big players. I can think of MANY music apps that have been abandoned or otherwise unsupported for various reasons.


Are we not gonna talk about what Auxy was like when it was for iPhone specifically?

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Y’all be talking about Auxy 1.0 on iPad, but it was an entirely different thing on iPhone. This one had a white icon with a red background:

Also, a lot of people think of Auxy 1.0 on iPad as the one with the multicolored “AOXY” icon, but there’s an even older build with a record disc as the icon, the version number as exactly “1.0.0”, and much lower quality sounds (it can’t even save more than one project!). I have that version on my old iPad and I can record it if any of you want.

“Grandpa, how was Auxy 1 like?”


yesss show us! I have some variant of Auxy on my iPad 2 and it always says “high load”. It’s amazing how capable and powerful the app and the iOS devices have gotten! Let’s remember to appreciate that cuz sometimes I accidentally take it for granted.


This one I have fond memories of. Yes, I did use the one that was originally for the iPad, but this specific version helped me start creating music. You used to have to pay for this version when this first came out.

Also, it should be noted that AOXY came out first not Auxy for iPhone. I was there when they added it for the iPhone. Can the devs confirm if this is correct or not?

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This is what they had to offer back then

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Auxy before AOXY. @brandnaqua @AzureOnyx

Different sounds, janky (broken?) preferences UI, and you can’t save either tweaks or multiple projects!

Well there was Auxy Studio and Auxy Classic, Auxy Classic was the one with 4 columns and Auxy Studio is what we use now

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I remember watching some people making beats in that but it was almost 4 or 5 years ago

The app evolved a lot

I dumped 1.0.0’s samples from an iTunes backup if y’all want to use them in Auxy 6


dude! nice transcription of duality lol

It’s the demo prepares to be wooshed


wow! that’s really cool. I love the ability to see the notes at least in an approximated way, but i’m very thankful with what Auxy has become. That seems like a performance app, I like the production Auxy we have today! Btw do people perform live sets with Auxy? Is that something some performers may do? I wouldn’t see why not, but is there anyone ya’ll may know of that does that?