What unique genre do people make in this community?


And synthwave isn’t that common, it just had a craze after Dust Off That Analog was released…


I dunno feels like everyone I’m friends with on Twitter is synthwave/darkwave/retrowhatever.

I guess it just goes like that though every place has these weird little pockets.


Bro, I also make progressive house :<<

There’s also BSJ, Taurus, Southborne, etc.


My progressive house follows a different style I say. Therefore that’s why I said that. Southbornes house I woudktn call progressive House. Bsj is more trance, however I havnt heard many of his songs but form what I’ve heard it’s progressive trance




What style is that then? xD


I’ve been doing a lot of hip-hop lately which is something that i don’t see that many auxy users doing that often.


I guess fantom’87 had nothing to do with synthwave ? Yeet


Future bass

jk :wink:

In all seriousness though, I’ve never seen any music quite like the future bass I see come out of Auxy. I think somebody once dubbed it “Auxy Bass” but that didn’t really catch on.


Those are two of the least unique genres in EDM. What makes an artist unique isn’t the genre they make, it’s the way they go about making that genre.

I make some generic genres too but it’s unique because my style has evolved over the years.


I never said I was the only one, I said it’s not as popular


It’s still prof hkusexjust different from everyone else




…and how is your prog hkusexjust different from everyone else then?


house just


I think he meant “it’s still Prog house, just different from everyone else”


If not having a genre is a unique genre, then that’s what I am.




It’s more progressive and follows different structures


Err, maybe electronic rock? I try to make some tracks sound like rock, but they sound more electronic.

The most recent stuff I have is more orchestral sounding. When I have time, I’m gonna make more of those. Atm just finishing off what my brother would call, “techno sh**”.