What unique genre do people make in this community?


I know I created a relevant post like this somewhere and somewhen, but I guess remake it, why not?

When I mean ‘Unique Genre’, I mean a Genre that’s not House, Future Bass, or Synthwave. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Future House, Techno, and Progressive House are the type of House Music that aren’t unique (No Offense, that’s what I hear the most in this community ¯_(ツ)_/¯).

I’ll go first. The unique genre I make is Drum and Bass.

You can include your songs that you didn’t made in Auxy. Also putting a link in isn’t required, but it’s optional.


My next stuff is pretty unique in terms of stuff I’ve heard in the Auxy community (and music in general)

It’s downtempo, chill melodies and up-beat drums. Here’s an unreleased example: https://soundcloud.com/polarzero/dont-look-down-final/s-UCYTz


Whatever genre I make probably


Your stuff is like the definition of experimental electronic/soundscapes. I love it.


I mean… I do a lot of stuff actually. Ambient, upbeat, dark… I’ve touched a lot of stuff. I’d say my track Virtual Friends is very different from the stuff I usually hear on the forum.


Quite a common genre, actually…


Anyways, what unique genre do you make


I do a lot of things, all of them bad


Retro trap


I’d say I’ve managed to make my own genre which I call melodic trap. I’ve been honing my skills on this for about 2 years.




Can relate 8/8


But sir melodic trap is already a thing


Not until he made it



Can also be called “Love Trap”


Honestly, I think this is a pretty unique track that hasn’t got much recognition. It’s a mix of house and melodic dubstep/fbass



I’m getting into lofi, so that maybe?


F r I c k


Loads of people make drum and bass🤔


I thought I was the only one who made progressive House?

I also make melodic dubstep, is that unique?