What to do if your song got stolen 😐


So not too long ago I posted a song called “Sing with me” & I’m just now finding out that someone had stole it & put on there album. I don’t know why someone feels the need to steal my music when I worked so hard on it :sweat:

Any ideas on how to go about this?



message the person who stole it and tell them to take it down



I tried but I only got a response from some guy that runs some little collective that they’re apart of



what is the collective on? discord?

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Naw it’s on YouTube it’s called “Multiply Media Group” or somethin

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hmm, not sure what to then. maybe you could find another way of messaging them

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Turns out this guy has also been stealing songs from other auxy producers as well

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ah that’s not good. maybe i could have a go at messaging him and i could take a look and see if i could find his email or something?

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His name is jayyy go look him on google. Jayyy flowerchild google that

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Just file a report on the track / account for copyright violation and it’ll be taken down by the officials of whatever platform you’re dealing with.



Okay I’ll start by doing that

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he also uploaded klueren, and a notmiles song (not sure which one) and float and the calling and fiji/wintur (i forget which one it’s called)



Decruz - fiji

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And maybe others. Lol people protect your art :sleepy:

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Time to bring in thy EXTERMINATOR



There really has to be a better way to protect our work. I’m seeing that the tracks he still haven’t gotten likes or views on his YouTube topic channel so that’s good.



What did they say? I feel like they would sort the mess out and take down the track since you can obviously prove it’s yours anyway

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a better way to protect your tracks is to not select “include remix link” when uploading so people can’t see and copy your projects. but nothing can be done about the featured projects



I think this is a bit of a misconception though. We only release cut down versions of featured tracks now so it’s not as simple as just exporting them. If you want to steal a track from someone you can just rip the audio from SoundCloud or wherever that track is posted.

My general suggestion is to report a stolen track to the platform is uploaded on. If someone stole a track and has very few followers and plays, then I wouldn’t care that much. If something blows up though, that’s when you bring out the lawyers to reclaim it.



If its on YouTube, just copyright strike them (if that’s possible). Let them gain no profit out of it. Cause I would do that if I knew how to.