What style do you find yourself naturally better at?

Please state what studios you use besides auxy, which one you tend to use the most, and how it helps you portray your specific style that you tend to be better at.


I literally only use Auxy :grimacing:

I like to think I can make a lot of different stuff, but I think I’m specifically adept at making heavy, metal-oriented tracks.

I don’t have a laptop, so yeah. Only Auxy. I’m really bad with naming genres, so I guess I’m just gonna say I make music lol

Isn’t heavy metal hard to make in auxy?

Not if you’re @Dadmother! Dude makes it seem easy.


Lol, then that’s when you know it’s your style.

Garageband (tho not for new projects)

Auxy helps me with being creative with things like automation or variation in melodies. Just in general it’s sped up and really helped me become a better producer.

Garageband is good to start things off with and helped me be more acclimated to using a full desktop DAW. One benefit, like auxy, is that there is a lot preset sounds and all of them have a variety of knobs n stuff you can adjust to get new sounds or automate things, more so than you can with auxy. Also it’s helpful to be able to record directly into whatever I’m working on. (also the shortcuts for GB are a bit more natural for me, so i can run around it all I want)

Ableton is the most “professional” piece of software I have for music and is the one I’ve been using most as of recent. I get a lot more creative control than either of the 2 above mentioned apps. Ableton pretty much lets you start from the ground up and you can fine tune most anything you could ever want to. Also it feels a lot more clean in terms of layout than Garageband, but that’s just imo, I can still navigate both with ease.

tl;dr All of these contribute to how I produce in some way.

But I think GB brought me to find what genres/styles I like to produce, Auxy refined my production skills, and Ableton has simply elevated all of it to a new level for me.


It’s definitely not the conventional Auxy sound hahaha! I’ve manage to make it work, though.

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That’s cool, yeah I have a similar story except I moved to fl studio. So everything is getting elevated for me as well.

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im mot even sure , i experimented so many times… probably just experimental


Reason, GarageBand, Auxy. Regardless of platform, post rock / alternative electronic / glitch etc seems to be what comes out. I listen to a lot of different stuff but you write what you write, I guess…



i use ableton.

i have many styles, but i only release chill stuff. i’m big into lofi hip hop and it’s gotten me a lot of success outside of this community so i recommend trying it if you can’t figure out what genre to make.

most lofi hip hop is sampled, and seeing as ableton has great sample functionality, it’s really easy to make the stuff i want, even with the limitations of ableton intro.


I only use Auxy, and I find myself making beats in a variety of genres. That being said, I find myself making beats much more easily in synthwave, atmospheric, and lo-fi/slightly jazzy beats. Idk really, because they’re not even the genres of music that I grew up listening to, but I somehow have a tendency to go there. It’s cool nevertheless!


Lol I have Ableton for the street credit and Auxy for the production

Seems to work fine for me :woman_shrugging:


I’ve been moving towards a modular studio setup over the past few years.

I’m currently using Xequence 2 and AUM, and couldn’t be happier.
In many ways, it’s a software version of the hardware I grew up using…

My preferred way to compose is to record myself jamming, and make edits later.
I like to capture the imperfections in my playing to contrast the sequenced machine music.

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I only use Auxy. I don’t really want to put in the money and time to learn a new DAW, even if it’s less limiting.

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I get you… it definitely takes a lot of time and energy out of your ordinary life.

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In addition to Auxy I also use Ableton Live 10. I use auxy more though, because it’s way simpler and is just a better experience in getting to know the fundamentals of making music and it’s way easier to use. And as for my style, I basically just make some loops, if it sounds good, I expand on it. I don’t really have a specific style I like to use, just whatever sounds good :+1:t5: