What started your musical journey?

Hey, y’all! I figured it would be cool if we would talk about the starts of our musical paths, and the passion that made us the producers we are. I, personally, always had a knack for noticing detail, even as a kid as young as four or five. It was cute, actually. At five years old, I associated every musical key with a different color, which I assume made adults around me scratch their heads. I heard everything in the music and heard more as I grew older. Since that age, I always loved percussion and for a few years I would always be seen tapping on any surface with two pens or anything of the sort. 13 years later… I guess I’m a tad bit better with a little bit more experience lol
Hopefully getting a studio in my room this year so gonna have loads of opportunities to explore the musical world even further
Really curious about you guys tho
What made you the music legends you are?


I’m not a music ledgend but, here is my journey I guess haha.

A few years after I was adopted, my parents put me in violin lessons

I was around 5, and let’s just say I absolutely hated how you hold a violin, so I gave up

A few years later, around the age of 8, I took simultaneous voice and piano lessons

That when on for a while, had a few recitals, but I still gave up

When I was about 11, and a friend of mine introduced me to Auxy

Let’s just say, I haven’t gave up on that yet.

So yeah =)


-cracks knuckles-

As you know, I’m a mischievous child. What my actions have done had serious consequences in my past, some I even regret today.

I had serious anger issues back when I was 9, played basketball, got kicked from it, played it again, got kicked out for the last time. I decided to change hobbies, so a shower thought came up and was like, “Hey, why don’t you make music instead?”

So, I stole my father’s crappy 300 mb android phone discovered this little app called MusicMakerJam. I was only manageable to create trash mixes of free loops, but dang, did I enjoy it.

I forgot about music maker jam since I am now in a Jr Beta Association. In 2017, I was surfing around the AppStore and decided to download this cool-looking app called Auxy, saying that it’s a “whole music studio in your pocket” or something.

I also got my name from remixing an old song made by the original Ekstrak. People mistaken me as a new Ekstrak, even though my old name was Ekteak Asphalt.

Aand that’s how I ended up here.


Simply put it’s always been in my soul. I’m still on a journey with no destination when comes to my music…


Ahh here we go…

Well when I was 4 my uncle had fl studio but he wasn’t using it on this computer so I wanted to play that and I found a dubstep song. Idk why but when I was 4 I enjoyed that somehow.

When I was 6 I showed my friends from school one dubstep song. Then the bullying happened. When I was in 4th class (In Poland there’s years kinda not grades) and I just wanted to do something to escape that horrible feeling. I was doing some art which worked pretty awesome but it wasn’t as good as I wanted. Then I thought why not music production…

I started in garage band and I was using apple loops :joy:. Then I switched to figure which was also great. And then Auxy. I found it in apple store and I was searching for music apps. I just tested it and when I’ve seen all this stuff I bought all the packs! I remember that time when I was so excited for every AP that was about to be released! Good times…

Then 1 year later I created a SoundCloud account named Xlimator and I was trying so hard to name my sc! (Also back then my English was soooo bad… and maybe still is sometimes :joy: cuz I’m from Poland xd ) When I started in Auxy, dance music was something I liked (and yeah when I looked at these old projects I realized the genre should be called Future Summer Dance :slight_smile:)

Then I had SoundCloud and the first song I made was beat the clock challenge which gained a lot of attention. And then I thought this time is over.

One of my “friends” stole my phone and deleted Auxy. Well RIP because I had some melodies that were 100% better than I make now… Well it was 7th class then and I was around 15 or 14 and I was like I need a computer daw then they won’t delete it! And I thought of fl studio the daw I was playing with on that old computers

I started making some beats and they are horrible. Seriously you guys don’t want to hear that. And I discovered dubstep and then Serum changed the whole dubstep production and yes my mom bought it… and I just got bullied even more when I was making dubstep cuz somehow they heard it when I was showing it to one teacher and that’s why I created a track called “Dreams” to just calm some people that are bullied and stuff (same with “Never Give Up” one)

Then my laptop broke and headphones and stuff and I lost everything. I have a laptop now and I’m happy with it and I also forgot that I had ableton live 10 suite on Christmas on 2018. And I found it and then it had a serial key and stuff so then I downloaded a demo from the official site and I typed the serial key and BOOOM!! I had ableton live 10 (with the newest update) suite! I was so happy and then I got all my plugins back. And now I make riddim stuff instead of dubstep…

Well now I changed my username on SoundCloud to AeX3r. And yeah my art skills (I wish lol) kind of paid off.

That’s my whole story and I never told anyone about this before.

And now I’m here :grin:


It seemed like an easy way to meet girls.


can i meet whoever told you that one because all ive found is that i get to be glued to my computer screen from when i wake up to when i go to sleep because the snare isn’t sitting right in my mix.


The thing is, it’s ALWAYS the snare…


This is awesome

And THIS… is more awesome


I think I may have said this in a previous post or I think the “what got you into Auxy topic” but there’s more to the story.

When I was younger (maybe 5 or so) my parents decided to start me off with violin lessons, but the fingerings and everything just made no sense to me, and I just didn’t want to practice. (5 year old me wanted to draw comics and play outside). Then I didn’t play anything for a while, and then my parents decided again that I needed to play a musical instrument, so they started me on piano. Then again I got really bored with the basic songs and I didn’t feel like practicing them over and over again. (This time, ~10 year old me wanted to play video games).

So, I didn’t have any knowledge of rhythm, music theory, or even much in the way of notes and chords.

But, GarageBand was pretty fun! I made some garbage songs for a little bit and then just kinda lost interest after a while. (I was too busy playing Minecraft). I also saw Auxy featured on the App Store story one time, and thought to download it, but I eventually forgot.

After a while though, I started watching some of Andrew Huang’s videos on YouTube and he had a really good one called “Making good music using only apps” or something like that. In there, he featured Auxy, and then I remembered about the app.

So, I downloaded it, started playing around, and making garbage beats, which I thought were fire. I got better over time as I learned more about rhythms, notes, and how to make the genres that I so desired. Two years of work on my belt so far, and here I am!


Love it

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Geometry dash. That’s what hooked me on edm


Gotta look that up on the app store one day, I guess

Actually, my musical journey somewhat started like that.

Back in the fourth grade my school had a music technology class, and one of the apps we used in there was auxy. (It was just auxy 1 back then) I didn’t really think much of it, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

When I got to middle school I got into playing geometry dash. I eventually started to make my own levels and saw you could import your own music to use for your levels. I remembered I could make music in auxy so I downloaded it again and started to make some beats. They weren’t any good but I enjoyed doing it. When I realized I couldn’t get my music on geometry dash without posting it to new grounds, I gave up on that (your songs had to get “approved” and then liked by at least 50 or so people to allow them to be used in geometry dash) and so I just started to make music for fun.

In January 2019, I discovered the forums and I’ve been getting better ever since.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.



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I was inspired by EDM artists like Avicii and I started making music on GarageBand. It wasn’t very good and I never actually published it. I discovered Auxy in 2017 (this was before I had a phone that could run Auxy, so I was using it on my dad’s iPad 5th gen.) In september, I bRoKe iNtO tHe aUxY SoUnDcLoUd ScEnE with my track palms, and then completely switched directions and started producing chiller stuff.

I started gaining recongnition (if you can call it that) after Beat The Clock started up again and I was shortlisted twice. I released my first album in April? 2018, and an EP in August. I’m currently working on another album which I hope to release quite soon.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk, hope you came to Jax’s first.


So many TED talks. I love it.


if you didn’t start on GarageBand using loops, you’re not a real producer


*roll up sleeves, spits out cigar

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