What’s your worst track?


Does anybody have that one song you made a while back that you thought was good, but now, as you look back and listen to it, it wasn’t as good as you remembered? I definitely do.




ahem, sorry. I meant, yeah, most of the songs on M-Sides V1 were kinda just thrown together with random notes, beats and instruments because that was my first time using the app. Some songs are coherent, others are just a mess. Rave of Dreamz is just straight up a jumble, Explosionz lives up to its name and literally just sounds like a bomb went off to music, and not in a good way.

Been remastering some of my older tracks with the new drums, instruments, the like. It’s really fun and most of them sound a little better, even the ones I personally liked. But I have no plans to remaster Rave of Dreams or Explosionz, some things are best left untouched, although I did use some stems from RoD in Rave Recharged off of V2.

Sorry I went off on a thing here. Just had to vent a teeny bit! :grin:


so uh.
al my song


links entire soundcloud


Define “awful”


The sub is way too loud.


all my stuff before auxy 5 basically






Those songs sound like they could be the song for the first level of a video game


Probably https://soundcloud.com/zephsound/heartless/s-vdPuH


I have like 750 of those




I sadly do. I ruined the original idea I had. The song was original slower.
Rip Game Over


I’d disagree. Rest is still pretty good


all of my auxy songs lmao


I have a lot of awful songs.


I should probably go cleaning up my soundcloud. I have a over 100 songs lol. This is probably my worst imo https://soundcloud.com/hexx-official/the-reckoning


Though I have a lot of awful songs, this one sticks out to me because it was my first “magnum opus”


Boy I’ve come sooo far since this track lol : P


oh no…


Guys, just go to soundcloud.com/hydrans, there’s a bunch of them there