What platform do you use the most to share your music


Hey guys, I don’t have a lot of social media, but I’m hoping to get more platforms (to share my music)
and I was wondering what platforms you guys use the most (other than SoundCloud)
Also, feel free to leave a link below!



Bandcamp. https://icsleepers.bandcamp.com

Also use Amuse for distribution to iTunes, Spotify, Shazaam Youtube deezer blah blah whatever they do


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC22V1RC-Lrzl_Y5JJnbeFww


I use YouTube and soundcloud 100%


Realistically, if you mean “platforms” as in outlets where people can actually stream / purchase your music, I doubt most people here go beyond SoundCloud / BandCamp / the standard distributed services (Spotify, iTunes, etc).

Since you brought up social media, I do want to stress that having artist pages for social media can be very beneficial to your overall brand and building a loyal following. I’ve personally stayed off social media until very recently just because I don’t like how busy it all is and what a time suck it can be, but I also recognize the upside to having relevant pages on various popular platforms. So if you have a few minutes to spare here and there, I’d recommend hopping on some of the more popular platforms to reach more people than you would be able to by limiting yourself just to one. :slight_smile:


Twitter is a good fit here. I used to be more religious on there, I browse around a couple times a week, throw up a #FF every now and then and that’s about it. All of my streaming radio contacts I’ve found through there, as well as pretty rad folks.

Big up to Cheddr and DarwinMCD for setting me down the path :slight_smile:


I post my music to SoundCloud and most places Amuse.io offers. I don’t do YouTube yet but I’m considering it a bit.


:soundcloud: :soundcloud: :soundcloud: :soundcloud: :soundcloud: :soundcloud: