What music has influenced you the most?

Just a random thought I thought I’d bring to this wonderful Auxy community space. What artists, songs, albums have influenced you the most? Has this music changed you? Did it open doors to new creative ideas that you never imagined before??

I’d love to see what you all have to say! - SLAM FUNK.

Prog Rock inspires me. I like long complex songs so much


@aUstin_Haga always drops these amazing tracks.

So I try to make tracks with the same quality

@Lex makes all her tracks with nothing but chromatic grids

So I’m trying to do that as well


House and Techno.

Actually, Chicago House, 90s House, Classic House, Deep House, Tech House, and Minimal Techno.


Nearly all of my tracks have been inspired by Nintendo’s music (Metroid Prime OST & Zelda in particular)


All the beautiful music this community makes, especially stuff in the areas of Chill and Ambient.


I’m old school. Led Zeppelin, Alphaville, Depeche Mode, Clash, Iron Maiden, Bizet, Dead Kennedys, Iron Maiden, Green Day, Leonard Cohen and on and on I go…

There are so much good music in the world and there is still so much to discover. Just stumbled upon The Cure “A Forrest” and I’m totally sold. Bowie, Queen, Johnossi, The Hives, Swedish punk and I’m on it again.


My chill style that I tap into every once and while is like 70% due to Polygrim (https://soundcloud.com/polygrim/tracks). Polygrim is from Ukraine and makes really nice lo-fi type vinyl sounding songs. He also makes music and art for Dustryroom Games, one of my favorite Indie game companies. (if you have time you should definitly check him and Dustyroom out)

All my other stuff just comes randomly lmao. I make what sounds good without any influence i guess.

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90s gaming soundtrack

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A mysterious track or id from northeast and fokkes

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Alasen & jerahwys beats. They inspire me because they give power to me. That’s why I’m continuing to make trap beats.

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