What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?


Short vocal samples in a drum kit layout perhaps. I feel that adding some “hey’s” and “ho’s” would really be beneficial to a lot of users. Let me know if any of you guys agree :slight_smile:


But you could just import those - they’d be pretty easy to find and cut up for clean import I’d think.


How about electric/vintage guitars and maybe even a rock organ, there would be a very good use of tone and dist in the guitars, and organs can be useful, as well


That is true. But it would save me some trouble XD


Trumpets, Tubas, Tambourines, French Hornes… O French Hornes…


Electric guitars


How about some really organic instruments asides from the acoustic guitars, orchestral strings and pianos? Like, jazz or big-band associated instruments, like saxophones and the like? Also electric guitars would just be so dope, yo. Also some more voices, maybe? The Aaa and Ooo are nice to use.


I’d :heart:️ to be able to record vocals in the DAW


A grand piano, being able to record vocals, and something similar to Gross Beat on FL Studio


Origin is actually a recording of a real Grand Piano. Do you mean a traditional Piano Roll?


yes thats what I mean. sorry


Maybe the devs could expand the piano library. If they were to add 7 octaves, we would be able to play a whole piano


More variation would also be nice. More ambient light touch atmospheric pianos and stuff.


Rock and base guitars definitely…


Electric guitars, yes please


Yeah I still need to pitch down sometimes


I find myself needing to change the pitch more than I wanted to. Some sounds sound better when they’re an octave lower than what’s provided.


Yeah and just some sounds even higher octaves, it just to get that one note that happens to be on the next octave up. it’s really annoying because say for instance u need that one note that sits an octave higher, u need to put the whole Melody an octave lower and then pitch up


A six pack


I don’t know how to direct message you so this will have to do, i noticed your soundcloud link in your profile on here isn’t the right one, your current one is ‘/roccasounds’ but right now you have ‘/anthony-la-rocca-4’.