What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?


And another fairy dies.





We don’t need bass


It’s one of Andrew Huang’s catchphrases, don’t worry. I agree, we have plenty of bass.


Brass and woodwind sounds definitely. PLEASE add a pack full of 808 Drums!


More Electro House? So more stuff like 7 skies selection.


Pads, the ability to add even more instruments, and the option to connect a MIDI


Maybe even whole track effects


You mean like adding reverb to the entire track (all instruments / master bus)?


You can change the pitch for any drum already,

Tap on the specific drum samples name, then tap on allow pitch automations

Now you can add a pitch filter that will change the pitch of that specific drum


Definitely a master volume
And automation


In the future…

Wait, the future is already a sound pack!


More effects, like chorus and phaser


Maybe even Add the option to “add multiple voices”.
Like on my synths I’ll have 3 to 7 voices and it helps harmonize the melody


Yes, helps with High Pass Drops, or Master Volume. You know, things that help the hassle of going to make the automation for everything.


Do bass to it.


Just slap some kitchen utensils together and there you go





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Also I think the reverb knob would be normal and there would be a gear with the option to have wet only, kind of like the delay knob and the delay intervals.