What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?


Yeah, only thing though… Cubasis, Auria, Gadget (maybe), even good old Nanostudio 1 all definitely record more than 10 seconds. Hell even GarageBand does too.

I’d be curious if it’s a legit technical limitation, or if there is some other reasoning behind it. I’m sure there must be SOME reason, I initially thought it was to keep project file size down (which would make sense) but since they aren’t included with projects at all I don’t know what the purpose is really :man_shrugging:


I’m not exactly sure how Auxy works under the hood, but my thinking was if they’re using multi-samples for melodic instruments it could become a problem on older devices.


A lot more vocal chops would be noice


This is true - if it’s like a rompler then yeah, you start loading up those instrument channels and you’re gonna suck up the RAM pretty fast.

I suspect Gadget is mostly synthesis, I know Nanostudio was nearly all synthesis minus whatever drum samples/loops you wanted to use.

No idea about GB lol…

And then Cubasis/Auria are iPad only, haven’t been keeping up on them but I’m pretty sure they only support the newer kit which is at a minimum 2gb RAM.


I know there wasn’t a limit in earlier beta versions, so I’m guessing it wasn’t originally planned, but that they encountered a technical reason to limit it (though I think 10 seconds is prohibitively low).


I want more lofi-oriented sounds and maybe a sound pack by Harris Cole or Oshi or someone like them, also a piano roll for imported samples and drum samples in case you wanna make a percussion into a lead.


Yeah guys if ya listen to my new track, you guys can hear rain and thunder sounds I imported. It is really easy to make the effects with imported sounds


Strings of any kind. Not just Hour tweaked, or Silk etc. but some serious ensemble sound. Doesn’t have to be too legit, or too fancy, but some string/orchestra sounds would be amazing.


if ever I want strings I have to use my computers at school. they got a really old Cubase so I just import the semi finished track and then overlay the strings. its a pain but do-able. but yeah a massive strings library would be wonderful


But. GarageBand strings are serviceable and you can export direct from there into Auxy. Wouldn’t that be shedloads easier?


Perhaps it’s just me, but using GB on my phone, feels like having a toothache. I try every so often to warm up to it, but…I just can’t.


oh right, well I don’t have garage band on my phone but I got my computer fixed over the weekend so I should be able to import there. I didn’t even know there were strings in garage band!

literally just been using one drive on my phone to get my projects n stuff across


Oh man, yeah there’s quite a bit of content in there. It’s worth giving it a look…


Yeah, if I wasn’t using Auxy I’d probably just be using that. It’s hardly my favorite, but it’s come a long long way plus working with audio is not a total nightmare, samples are packed into project files, you can load up audio units. My biggest beef is lack of a real synth. And the drums are kinda lacking. There’s isn’t a proper drum unit either where you could load your own samples.

But AU’s make up for those shortcomings I guess


awesome ill check it out!


Just had a kinda weird and unrealistic idea…

I’d totally be into a Porter Robinson sound pack.


Brass, just brass. It would add so much


Andrew Huang please!!


Tokyo machine sounds!


Yes. Yesyesyesyes